How To Plan The Engagement Party Of Your Dreams

Have you recently popped the question or said yes to the love of your life? Congratulations! Getting married is a fantastic occasion, so why not extend the celebrations by throwing an engagement party to kick things off?

An engagement party provides the perfect opportunity not just to celebrate and show off your stunning new engagement ring but is also a good way for your families to meet if they haven’t already. Not only this, but it might also give you some ideas for your wedding day.

Here are some top tips to help you plan the party of your dreams.

Pick A Location

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First things first, decide where you’d like to host the party. This will depend on three things: your budget, the number of people you intend to invite, and how formal you want the party to be. You could host somewhere that is personal to you, such as where you got engaged or had your first date. Or you might choose to host the party at home if you are going for something more low-key and at a lower cost.

Wherever you choose, make sure there is going to be room to host everyone comfortably, and that other elements of your party aren’t going to be compromised. For example, if you’d like to handle catering yourself, make sure to pick a venue that allows this.

Decide On A Date

Next up you need to choose the date you’re going to have the party. If you aren’t hosting at home, then this will likely be semi-determined by the availability of the venue. If you plan on having a long engagement, you may want to have the party several months after your engagement. However, if you plan on getting married within a year or so, throw the party sooner rather than later so you can start focussing on planning the wedding itself.

Create A Guest List

Now you have a venue and a date it’s time to put the guest list together. It is natural to assume that if you are invited to an engagement party, you will be invited to the wedding so bear that in mind when making the list. It may be that some people who will make the effort to come to the wedding may not be able to make the engagement party, especially if they are going to be travelling far. Despite this, it is nice to extend the invite regardless.

Send Out Invites

It’s easy to get carried away with invites, from confetti-filled envelopes to wax seals, there are plenty of options to pick from. Since you are soon going to be planning a wedding, it might be best to go simple with invites for the engagement party. Consider going paperless for a quick, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective option.

Choose Your Outfit

Outfit planning for any party can be stressful, especially when you are the host. Therefore, it is best to plan in advance to avoid last-minute panic. Often, newly engaged people will opt to wear white to any event related to their wedding, but don’t feel pressured to do this if you would prefer to wear something else.

Don’t Forget The Details

Finally, now all the more logistical to-dos have been ticked off, it’s time to consider the more personal details you’d like for the party. This will totally depend on your preferences as a couple. You might want to have pictures from your proposal up at the venue or maybe you have certain music you’d like to be playing throughout the night.

Adding in personal details doesn’t need to be expensive, there are lots of tutorials available online to help add special touches to any event. Looking into DIYs for the engagement party might also handily lead to finding some inspiration for your wedding day.

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