How To Know When Your Child Is Ready For Nursery

It’s always an exciting time to let your child know they’re ready to head to nursery school. However, it can also feel like a daunting prospect for some children (and their anxious parents), and it’s why you should be careful taking your child straight into a nursery school environment before they’re truly ready. 

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Here are some ways you can work out whether your child is ready for nursery life.

They Show Signs Of Basic Self-care

When we refer to self-care, we mean that your child is capable of brushing their teeth, putting on their clothes and deciding what they could wear, and having the means to wash their hands and use the toilet, among other areas. If they are in control of these areas, then it lands them in good stead being left on their own and having a good awareness of their skills already.

Your Child Can Handle Being On Their Own

Heading to a private nursery school for the day, where your child is not going to be able to see you for the majority of the day, can feel like a big ask for children. A child that’s ready for nursery life will be able to cope with the pressure of being with toddlers and teachers they don’t quite know. This can take a few days or weeks to overcome for some children, but over time it will become a lot more natural for them to head to nursery every day.

Being Able To Communicate Effectively

Working together will show your child how they can work with others and make them develop the skills needed to get them through life. It’s a strong method of teamwork that will teach your child about how to talk to others effectively, make decisions, and listen with intent. A child that demonstrates this initially, when they enter nursery school, will feel a lot more comfortable in what will be asked of them on a regular basis.

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