Create Your Own Unique Story With Story Jewellery

We all have precious possessions that mean a lot to us. A photo of our grandmother, your baby's first curl, a blanket knitted by your mother. Then there is the jewellery we treasure that means so much. That's the thing about jewellery, it's bought for life's occasions such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and Mother's Day. Jewellery tells a story, a story about us. This is an advertorial with Story Jewellery. 

Who Are Story Jewellery?

Story Jewellery

Story Jewellery are a company that aims to bring the bond we have as humans into their jewellery. Their jewellery delivers a compelling message of love, friendship, and empowerment. They say their jewellery sends an unspoken message to loved ones, whether that is how much they mean to you or how strong they are or another message full of hope and love.  There are so many lovely pieces of jewellery on the Story Jewellery website, so let us have a look at some of my favourite pieces.

My Story Jewellery Wishlist

The Endless Knot ring is a ring with an intertwined design. The design interacts together like a couple does. It's a symbol of love, of security, of being together forever. It's a sweet heartfelt design and a dainty ring made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. It's the perfect gift to show someone just how much you love them. rainbow ring

Rainbow Ring

For those going through tough times, the rainbow ring is a perfect gift. In fact, you don't just get one ring you get two, a thin band with an engraved design and a multicoloured rainbow design ring, both in silver. The rainbow ring has adjustable sizing and it's so pretty, catching the light with the rainbow colours. The rainbow ring is in two options, one is silver and one is on a base metal, which is plated with 18k rose gold.

Another ring with a knot design is the mother-daughter ring. The infinity design shows how much you mean to someone and that you are intertwined forever. The silver design is exceptionally pretty and is inset with cubic zirconia. The message card that comes with it says 'The love of mother and daughter is forever.' I bet any mother would love this ring, I know I would.

The enamel fidget ring is a great ring to help promote positive mental health. It's a pretty ring and comes in a choice of three multi-coloured options. The beads on the ring spin so it can help with anxiety, keeping you focused when you play with it, rather than preoccupied with the worries of the world. The rhyme on the card that accompanies the ring states the fidget ring is there to love and protect you from anything you fear.

As you can see there are many beautiful items of jewellery from Story Jewellery, suitable for your mum, daughter, or friend. Let me know which of these items do you like? Are there any items of jewellery you hold dear?



  1. I love rings I wear 6 all the time, I do love the mother and daughter ring and the fidget ring would be ideal for my daughter

  2. The mother-daughter ring is lovely