From Wedding Decorations On The Table To Colourful Gift Bags For Guests - Ways To Thank Your Guests On Your Wedding Day

If you are planning a wedding there are many things you have to think about, from the dress to the reception venue, to the food, to where you are getting married. It can be a stressful experience as there are so many things you want to get perfect. One thing you can't afford to forget though, and you may not have thought about it, is to thank your guests for coming. 

gift bag
Let's have a look at ways to say thank you to your guests on your wedding day.

Pastel or colourful gift bags for guests

Welcome bags or thank you gifts for guests make a perfect little souvenir to take home. Saketos are a brand that makes a large range of jute, linen and organza fabric wedding decoration bags in a range of pastel and bright colours at an affordable price. Fill the bags with, cookies, love hearts, soaps, lip balm or other favours for the guests to take home.  I've even seen plantable seed paper hearts full of wildflower seeds native to the British isles. What a fabulous idea.

Wedding decorations on the table

As well as wedding thank you gifts for guests wrapped in organza bags, guests could also be encouraged to take home wedding decorations as a little thank you. This could be the floral decoration, I mean who wants waste these days, to disposal cameras left on the table for guests to take photos. This is a great way to have informal photos of the wedding day too, perhaps get two copies of the photos - one for the guest and one for the bride and groom. 

A personal message in the speeches

A personal message in the speeches is a lovely way to acknowledge the guests. This works well with those close to the bride and groom, such as the best man, maid of honour and parents, however anybody that makes the day special can be mentioned. It's a good idea that tissues are on the top table though, these things can get emotional! 

Personalised gifts for the wedding party

Of course, it's a good idea to give a gift to those in the immediate wedding party. I do like using a personalised gift for this occasion. You could get your bridesmaids an item of jewellery with their initials on for example. For the best man what about a tankard engraved with a message of thanks? Mums could be presented with gifts of their favourite flowers, whilst dads could be presented with personalised cufflinks. There are many types of personalised gifts that are suitable. 

Gifts for the kids at the wedding 

Weddings can be long and tiring, so it's a good idea to have small gifts for the kids that are there to keep them occupied. Think about an age appropriate toy, such as colouring books, toy cars, or a pocket sized playset to keep the children busy. A healthy snack may also be a good idea, but be sure to pass it by the parents first in case of dietary restrictions. 

As you can see there are a number of ways to thank your guests on your wedding day. What do you think of my ideas? Do you have any of your own? What did you do at your wedding? 


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