Ways To Make And Save Money At Home

It is said that, especially in the current climate, plenty of people are looking for ways to both save money in the house and to make money from home. People are worried about their income and their savings and are wanting to know what they can do to ease that pressure. This is an advertorial.

I wanted to share with you today my top tips for saving money and making money at home. Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

Save Money: Meal Plan

Planning your meals will save you plenty of money in the long run. If you know exactly what meals you will be making, you only need to buy the ingredients for those meals. Shop online rather than in store if you can to avoid temptation and stick to the meal plan to keep your food budget down.

Make Money: Utilise Your Skills

Do you have a particular skill you could put to good use? If so, why not utilise it to make you some money? I have friends who love crafting - they could easily sell their creations. I’ve got friends who are qualified teachers - they could easily set up a tutoring business. If you do have a skill that you can monetise, why wouldn’t you?

Save Money: Set A Budget

A budget is essential if you want to save money. By setting a budget, you can work out what your essential and non-essential spending is. If you cut out the non-essential spending, then you’ll hopefully have some money that you can put away in savings instead. You just need to sit down and work out what spending is essential to you and which is non-essential. This is good advice too if you are gambling responsibly with a company such as 
NetBet Slots. You should budget for your entertainment money and only gamble what you can afford to lose. 

Make Money: Try A Work From Home Job

It may seem like these are few and far between but there are actually plenty of jobs that you can do from home. Some people I know are virtual assistants, others work for insurance companies as call agents in their own dedicated home office, I have even worked online tutoring myself.  If you don’t want to leave the home, why wouldn’t you see if there was a work from home job that would work for you?

You can also use Paystubs.org to create a freelance invoice if you want to look more professional. It is a free invoice generator that allows you to preview and create an unlimited number of invoices in a few simple steps.

Save Money: Try Sign Up Offers

Have you ever considered a site like sign up offers? These can easily be completed from home. Get amazing discounts or bonuses from certain websites - especially handy when you need to get something from that particular website. You can find massive discounts or products and even some free stuff too! Definitely worth checking it out if you are going to be spending on those websites anyway.

Make Money: Do Online Surveys

Truth be told, these aren’t going to get you the big bucks but if you are happy with a few quid extra in your bank account or pocket each month and you have some time to kill, online surveys might just be the thing for you. Some of them can be very interesting and every now and again you might get the chance to test some products for the survey companies as well. Some of the most well known are Swagbucks and Pinecone Research.

Save Money: Switch Things Off

If you aren’t using certain items around the home, switch them off. Turn off the switches and take the plugs out of any electrical items that aren’t currently in use, switch the heating off and take it off a timer, only putting it on when you absolutely need to. Put on a jumper if you are that cold! It will save you mere pennies, to begin with, but those pennies soon begin to build up into pounds.

Make Money: Download Some Apps

There are thousands upon thousands of apps out there but did you know there are ones you can make money from? As well as plenty of online survey sites having their own apps, there are also plenty of companies who will actually pay you for installing their apps and actually continue to pay you for the time you have their app installed on your phone. Many of these track certain data and use it to build an understanding of what people do online or buy online. It isn’t for everyone but can definitely add a few pounds into your savings each month.

Save Money: Get Meters Installed

Every house will soon have a smart meter and this has been quite helpful in showing those who already have one exactly how much energy they are using. You might also consider getting a water meter too, thus paying for the amount of water you use rather than an estimated amount. My mum has recently had a water meter installed and she is paying half of what she used to, so if you are on your own it's definitely worth enquiring. It will also encourage you to turn off those dripping taps.

Make Money: Affiliate Marketing

This isn’t for everyone but many people who do it find it very lucrative. Do you have a website or a social media channel with a decent and engaged audience? Then affiliate marketing may just work for you. Promote and advertise them on your channel and earn! Some affiliate channels are pay per view so you get paid every time someone even sees the ad, others are pay per click where you only get paid if they actually click on it. It is worth knowing the difference.  Awin is one such example of an affiliate company I have used. 

Save Money: Buy Own Brand Food Items

I know we all have our favourite brands but if you aren’t fussed about brand names, why not buy the cheaper own-brand food items from the supermarket rather than the big names for more money? 
They usually taste just as good but cost a lot less.  There is even branded fruit and veg - guess what, you don't need it! In fact, why not support your local grocers or market and buy your food there as it can be surprisingly cheap.

Make Money: Sell Your Old Stuff

It is an oldie but a goodie - and one people often forget about, surprisingly. Sell your old stuff - there is no point having stuff you don’t want cluttering up the place so why not earn money from it? Pop it on eBay or Facebook selling groups and hopefully watch your bank balance grow.

These are my top tips for saving money in the home and making money from home if you are stuck there due to childcare or another situation. Have you ever given any of these a go before? Why not try this 52 week money making challenge? What worked for you and what didn’t?


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