7 Quirky Ideas For The Perfect Home Bar

Drinking on a night out is fun, but also very expensive! Why not party the night away in the comfort of your own home? Save money, and make the most of wasted spaces in your house


Here are 7 quirky ideas for the perfect home bar.

Suspend your bar…from the wall!

We all recognise traditional bar counters, firmly rooted to the ground. Go for something a little different, and choose a suspended wall bar. Although a suspended wall bar might sound a little intimidating, they are completely stable – the perfect place to store booze with character and charm.

Impress your guests, and take your home bar sky high.

Invest in a bar cart

Bring your home bar on the go, with a bar cart that can transport your alcohol and treats anywhere in the house. Try an antique or vintage bar cart, well-crafted and full of personality.

No matter the bar cart you choose, they add something more to any home bar, contemporary or classical.

Create a cosy lounge area

Create a cosy lounge area, and really take your home bar to the next level. We’d recommend a hairpin bar stool, bringing a touch of quirky-modern-goodness into your home bar design.

Take a break from dancing and recline in a lounge area, perfectly tailored to your space.

Intimate lighting

When you go to a club, you’re immediately confronted with fast-paced and dizzying ultra neon lighting! For a home bar, we advise going for something a little different.

Try intimate lighting, with warm tones and soft lamps – maybe even complemented by banquette seating and copious natural material such as cork placemats or wooden d├ęcor. Intimate lighting really makes your bar feel like an extension of your home, and a place where you can relax uninhibited.

Convert a closet or pantry

An old closet or pantry is often one of the most unused spaces in the home. Instead of letting this room go to waste, do something a little quirkier! Converting your closet or pantry into a home bar is an achievable feat, with a touch of shelving and glass. Check out this step by step guide, if you need a hand.

Use booze as inspiration!

A home bar is made for drinking…so why not use booze as your inspiration when decorating?

If you’re a lover of red wine, try appropriating the rich colours of this drink in the colour scheme and paint you use.

Cans of beer can even be used as repurposed lighting, and bottle caps can be used as backsplashes. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Save the environment and make an unforgettable home bar.

Statement pieces

Statement pieces are the be-all-and-end-all of the perfect, quirky home bar. Look for an impressive marble countertop, or stunning artwork that strikes at the heart of your guests. Why not invest in a plush, colourful leather or suede seat?

The potential for statement pieces to improve and enhance your home bar is pretty much endless.

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