5 Benefits Of Conservatories

If you are thinking of having a conservatory added to your home you may wonder if it's worth the expense. After all, it does cost money and it can disrupt the running of your home when it is being built. However, conservatories can bring huge benefits to a homeowner too. 


Let's have a look at 5 benefits of having a conservatory added to your home. 

1. Extra space

A conservatory will add some instant space to a home. Having that extra room is the biggest benefit. Whether you turn this into a room for entertaining, a room for relaxing in or working out, a playroom, or having a spare room for when people come to stay,  having the extra space is fantastic. It can be a great room to chill in too when you want to have some breathing space!

2. It is a great room for light

A conservatory with its many windows is a great room that brings in much natural light. This can make it warm in winter especially if you go for an energy-efficient double glazed conservatory. The natural light makes it great for artists that like to paint and draw too. Having the garden next to the conservatory makes it feel like you are outside too in nature. It's a lovely space to watch the birds in your garden, and spot the squirrels and hedgehogs! Open the doors in summer and it can feel like an extension to your garden

3. Adds value to your home

One of the major benefits of a conservatory is that it adds extra value to your home. If you are looking to sell in the future and get a more expensive house it's a great move to have a conservatory built. Having the extra space downstairs is highly desirable and will add extra value when you go to sell your home. We all want to add extra value to our home too, don't we?

4. It's cost-effective compared to moving

If you are considering moving especially due to lack of space then why not consider building a conservatory instead? It is so much cheaper than moving to a larger home. As well as the cost of a more expensive house, you also have the cost of moving including solicitor and surveyor fees, stamp duty, moving company fees, redecorating and more. Although the research is still out on exactly how stressful is moving home, it's certainly more stressful than many things in life.  Having a conservatory built is, therefore, a more cost-effective and lower stress option than moving home. 

5. It looks fantastic

Conservatories today are modern extensions to our homes that can look fantastic. Add some easy to care for flooring, some furniture and furnishings in natural wood and light colours, a few house plants and some cosy throws and you can have that extra space that looks fantastic and is incredibly useful all year round.

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