The Growth Of Executive Assistant Career Post Pandemic

The pandemic has been a strange time for many of us and we are now entering a period when many people are considering a new career post pandemic.

An Executive Assistant Training provider in London has said that they are experiencing a higher number of mums who are looking to return to work as Executive Assistants. The increase has occurred in the last year.

Why Are Executive Assistant Jobs Attractive?

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Executive virtual assistants are different to PAs, in that they have more exposure to business support and get involved in more managerial work than a PA. PA jobs tend to be far more focused on providing administrative support. This makes Executive Assistant jobs often more varied and more interesting than PA jobsThe listings for the Executive Assistant job are highly searched on reputable job search websites like Jooble.

Remote working is popular today, too you can even hire a remote healthcare assistant for your medical practice, so there are plenty of job opportunities out there. 

Additionally, given the impact of the pandemic, we are seeing far more flexible working and remote-working Executive Assistant jobs like those at 
VMeDx virtual assistants. This process started before the pandemic, as many managers were often located in a different place from their Executive Assistants. This remote working aspect is popular with mums keen to get the work-life balance they need when they return to work. It is also popular with those who help care for family members and find it easier to work remotely.

Executive Assistant Salaries

In the UK, according to the Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators, average salaries for Executive Assistants are higher in the big cities. In London, the average salary is around £40K per annum. However top salaries would be around £59K. Generally, the higher-end salary is likely to be in a more demanding industry where you lose the work and life balance, or where you need more technical or specific knowledge of the work environment. 

Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh are all quoted for having average salaries between £30K and £35K and higher end salaries being between £40K and £45K.

Work-life balance is a major focus for many people now, especially new mums. Therefore, it is worth remembering all organisations have Executive Assistants. This means that you could opt for an organisation that offers more well-being and work-life balance if it is your preference.

Executive Assistant Courses

Anyone looking to work as an Executive Assistant should consider what type of skills and training they need to make the move. Generally, Executive Assistants need strong office admin skills and a mix of business skills. They need to have good interpersonal skills to help build relationships. Additionally, a full mix of office IT skills which normally means a broad range of advanced Microsoft office skills. Typing is needed but it is not essential that you have a very fast typing speed, as in the past.

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