Top 5 Tips to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

It is everyone’s wish to live in a less confined space, but finding a spacious house or expanding an existing one comes at an additional cost, which not everyone can afford. Cities are increasingly becoming crowded and land is now a scarce resource, meaning moving to a bigger house may not be an option. However, there are still ways in which you can make your small space feel bigger and eliminate the need to make structural changes. Let’s see some of the easy solutions to make your home feel more spacious without adding an extension.

Adopt The Proper Storage Solutions


According to Property advice, room organisation is one of the concepts that you need to address when looking for ways to make your home look spacious. Most of the space at home is lost due to lack of proper storage. You have to think out of the box instead of adopting the traditional solutions like the floor-standing cabinets. Floor to ceiling shelves is a good option as they help clear floor clutter and make the ceiling appear higher.

Another smart storage solution is the use of multifunctional furniture. This furniture include seats and coffee tables with storage spaces that can help keep some of the items that you don’t use regularly.

Add Mirrors To The Walls


Large mirrors can work miracles when it comes to making your home look spacious. Mirrors add more light to the room by reflecting any light from the outside, plus they reflect the room to give an illusion that there is more space. You can hang small mirrors on the walls or large floor-length mirrors. Just make sure that the mirror does not reflect a cluttered space because it will not work as planned.



One of the reasons why living spaces appear smaller is the accumulation of our possessions. You can free some space by simply eliminating what you don’t need. Walk from room to room and eliminate the things that you do not need. If an item adds no value to your home’s deco or it is not used regularly, you can store it outside the house or consider donating it to charity. Make regular de-cluttering a habit to keep the clear and calm spaces for long.

Make Some Furniture Changes


The type of furniture in a room and their arrangement play a big role in how spacious your rooms will be. Low furniture makes a room look bigger because they make the ceiling look high, but you should ensure that they show some floor space. Open legs furniture can be better compared to furniture that directly touches the floor because space beneath is still visible. Also, look for dining chairs that you can push under the table when they are not in use.

Furniture takes up most of the space at home, especially if the arrangement is wrong. To avoid that, change the position of the furniture that blocks the view of the room and use furniture that fit your space. You will also open up space by moving the larger furniture closer to the walls and ensuring that the walkways are wide open. Don’t push the furniture against the wall as it will make the room look cramped. Leaving a few spaces in between makes the space appear more open.

Use The Colours And Lighting Trick

light walls lounge

The colours you use also play a huge role when it comes to making a room look bigger. Walls with light colours are more reflective than dark colours and they make your space feel more open. Think of bright colours like light blue, white, light green and so on. The same applies to the material you use for your floor.

You can also transform your room using light. Simple changes like lighting up the dark corners and spreading out the lighting will open up your space and make the rooms look spacious. You can also utilise natural light during the day as it is brings in some warmth and an airy feeling. The use of natural light also blends your space with the outdoors, thus eliminating the boundaries. If the outside view is not pleasing, add some greenery near the windows.

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