10 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

So, after being stuck at home for four months, many of us have put on some unnecessary pounds, with the lack of exercise and the banana bread mountain you may have been baking. You look at yourself in the mirror and look nine months pregnant, and think what now? Well, what about hiring a personal trainer to get you into shape?  Let's have a look at the reasons to hire a personal trainer and the benefits to you. 

They can help you start a regime 

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If you are not sure where to start with exercise, maybe you haven't taken any exercise for a long time or want to get started again, a personal trainer can help assess your needs and goals and look at creating an exercise regime in collaboration with you. 

They can show you how to do the exercises correctly

A personal trainer can be a wealth of knowledge about health and fitness. They can advise you on how to warm up and cool down properly. If you are using them in a gym they can show you how to use the weights and other equipment effectively and safely. All personal trainers should have undergone training and be certified to show they are experts in training. 

They can help you lose weight

Of course, hiring a personal trainer isn't a magic wand to weight loss but they can certainly help you lose weight in conjunction with a dietary plan. They may be able to advise you on diet as well as exercise and the best food for a healthy sustainable weight loss.

They can hold you accountable

Knowing that you have to check in with your personal trainer every time you meet, means that you are accountable for what you do knowing someone is checking up on you. A personal trainer can also hold you accountable for your goals and whether you are meeting them or not. They can also help you analyse any problems.

They can motivate you 

When you are feeling tired a personal trainer can motivate you and make you go that extra mile. They can remind you why you want to reach your goals which can be an extra incentive when your motivation is poor.

They can suggest ways to change your routine 
A personal trainer can help
If you are bored with the same exercise routine or not seeing the results you want, a personal trainer can look at what you are doing with their knowledge and expertise and suggest ways in which you can change your routine.

They can help you challenge yourself

A personal trainer can be good at pushing you and challenging you. If you think you can't do an extra 5 minutes on the bike, they will help motivate you so you can. If you think you can't run any more miles, they will help push you that extra mile. They can help you set challenges for yourself and help you smash them.

They can track your progress 

A personal trainer will help you track your progress, whether that is in reps on weight, distance run, the speed you cycled, BMI and more.  They can track every step of the way of your fitness journey. 

They can be a workout partner 

A personal trainer can be a workout partner, guiding you through the workouts and leading by example. Have a workout partner like this can help with motivation too. 

They can offer training specific to a sport

If you are training to compete in a sport, such a half or full marathon, a swim event or a tennis match or competing national or internationally, a personal trainer can help you train and make you focus on your goal and getting there. 

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If you think a personal trainer is a good idea, then do your research to find the right personal trainer for you, like the ones on www.bark.com, as every trainer is different, has different skills and abilities. Check they are certified from a professional body and that they know what they are doing.

Let me know, would you hire a personal trainer? 

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  1. I've been eating too many cakes in lockdown so i need a personal trainer!

  2. They aren't that expensive really.