Ideas To Make Your Perfect Garden

With the lovely weather we have been having recently and the restrictions placed on us with trips out limited, many of us have been spending longer than ever in the garden. If you have a beautiful garden then spending time there can be therapeutic but if your garden is not looking its best then it can really get us down. So why not do something about it? Creating your perfect garden can be easy if you know how. Let's have a look at some tips on how to make your perfect garden. 

Make a plan

Firstly make a plan. This can be as simple as sketching out a design on a piece of paper. Measure the garden's length and width and make a note of it for later, then brainstorm what you would like in your garden and where you would like to put it. 

Pinterest can be great to get some inspiration, alternatively, check out magazines like House and Garden. Consider if you want a formal or informal garden.  Formal gardens are very tidy whilst informal gardens are wilder. Check when the light hits different areas of the garden and make a note of that too. This can affect where you want to sit and what plants go where. Then consider if you want flowers, bushes, pot plants, a water feature, a seating area, a swing chair and so on, then cost it up to ensure you have the budget. Here you can get excited - your perfect garden is in reach!

Install a seating area

A seating area is very important to most of us,  so you can relax at leisure in your garden. Think about whether you want a chair, bench or one of the Tropilex Hammocks. It's a great idea to have an area that's flat for the seating. You can pay for someone to lay a patio,  do it yourself or have family or friends lay it for you. This is a useful guide on how to lay a patio to help save you money. 

Encourage wildlife

Bees and butterflies are great for the environment, being natures pollinators they help plants grow and breed by spreading pollen between flowering plants. The vast majority of plants we need for food rely on pollination especially by bees and butterflies, so encourage them in your garden by making a bee house and planting lots of lovely flowers. Also, why not buy or make a bird feeder? As well as providing essential food for birds in the winter, birds are also pollinators and you can spend many hours watching birds and their behaviour in your garden.

Think of a water feature 

A water feature can be an interesting addition to your garden. This can be a pond, a classically tiered water fountain, or something more modern.   The advantage of a water feature is that the sound and sight of water can be soothing and relaxing. It also has the benefit of providing water for wildlife like birds and bees and pondlife like frogs and fish. 

Make it greener and prettier

As well as being great for the environment, it's lovely to have a colourful and green garden. Bees love colourful plants so plant a variety of bluebells, crocuses, forget-me-nots, and comfreys. They also smell lovely too. You could consider planting a lawn to make it greener or if you have a large patio, plant some flowers in big plan pots. Native plants are a low maintenance option so if you need some advice ask at your local garden centre to which plants are native to where you live.

Make a veg plot

You can add a veg plot to almost any garden. There is nothing like the satisfaction you can get from growing your own veg. Easy to grow veg include salad leaves, potatoes, peas, runner beans and onions. Some of these you can grow in pots as well, even if you have a paved garden. In fact, one of the best ways to grow potatoes is in some earth in a bucket!

These are some ideas to make your perfect garden. Check out these other ideas on how to improve your garden. Let me know - how do you use your garden? Do you have the perfect garden?

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  1. We are lucky enough to have an outdoor space but I’d love to have a bigger garden, somewhere that I can really spend time planting and growing x

    1. Hope you get the chance to have that bigger garden one day.