The Way Forward for UK Schools As We Face The Coronavirus Pandemic

Life has completely changed for a lot of people this year, and this is mainly because of the coronavirus outbreak that started late last year. As a result of the rapid spread of the virus, many people have lost loved ones. The UK and many other nations have been negatively affected by COVID-19. Several sectors have been on the receiving end and even the economy has been affected. The education sector has had its fair share of impact as a result of the pandemic. The government was forced to close all learning institutions some time ago. The decision to close down schools was put in place to safeguard the lives of the youngsters. No parent wishes to put his or her child in danger, and this explains why many have concerns about the reopening of schools.

Recently, the UK government has decided to reopen schools, and the plans are on the way. Schools are essential and reopening them was only a matter of time. The government has put in place several guidelines to ensure that pupils are safe as schools reopen. Here is how the reopening of schools is going to work.

Additional Space

Social distancing has been crucial in the fight against the pandemic that we are currently facing. Through social distancing, the spread of the virus has been minimized. For school-going children not to be affected by the virus, a form of distancing needs to be maintained. Though it is considered challenging for your pupils to maintain social distancing while at school, they will not mingle like before.

Extra space will be needed because the number of pupils in a class will have to be reduced. Reducing the number of pupils per class means that other buildings like libraries will have to be used. It will be wise for learning institutions to utilize temporary structures. Schools that are having a tough time getting the much-needed space should consider getting structures from Smart-Space. It is based in the UK and has been at the forefront in helping many institutions that require space because of the virus including schools and hospitals. You should visit the website to learn more about their building solutions and why the education sector should utilize them.


Research has shown that the virus is most likely to spread through contaminated surfaces. Schools have been instructed to ensure that there is regular cleaning of these settings. Every teacher and pupil will also be required to clean their hands frequently and maintain good hygiene.

Many people have come forward and raised genuine concerns about what will happen if one is found with the virus at school. It is crucial to note that the UK government has stated that testing will be conducted at schools to establish those that might be infected. If a student or teacher is found with the virus, he or she must self-isolate at home. Those that show symptoms of the virus will have to stay home and self-isolate for 14 days.


As schools reopen, minimizing the contact between pupils will be essential to limit the further spread of the virus. It is essential to follow the government and doctors’ guidelines during this period.

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