How To Make Company Cars More Sustainable

Being more sustainable is your civic responsibility to the next generation. By making the right choices you allow them to enjoy the planet as you have, which is the least you can do for them. This is an ad.

Company cars are a popular perk, reward, and even a necessity for many businesses but they don’t lend themselves immediately to sustainability. However, there are ways that you can make them more sustainable and you should put as many of them as you can into practice right away. From saving paper to going electric, this is how you can make your company cars more sustainable.

Use fuel cards to save paper 

Paper is one of the biggest threats to the planet and every time you use it you make your business less sustainable. It might not seem obvious how you can reduce the paper your company cars account for, but there is a way – fuel cards.

Fuel cards reduce the amount of paper you use by creating electronic invoices and receipts. This may feel like a small difference to your sustainability, and it is. However, that’s precisely the point because a series of little alterations to the way we live and work makes a big difference.

You can start making your company cars more sustainable right now by investing in a fuel card today. There are plenty of options at iCompario, from big companies like Shell to multi-brand options like Fuel Genie.

Whichever option you choose, the result is that your company cars will cause less paper to be used and your business will be more sustainable.

Cut down on the air conditioning

Fuel usage is one of the greatest causes of global warming because it burns carbon dioxide, creating greenhouse gases that artificially heat up the planet.

It stands to reason that reducing your fuel consumption makes your company cars more sustainable and one of the simplest ways you can do this is by avoiding air conditioning.

Air conditioning burns more fuel and puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There’s a straightforward solution to this problem – stop your drivers from using their aircon setting as often as they have been.

The risk is that your drivers might take swap air con for having the windows open. This will make your cars less sustainable, so you need to have a balance. One solution is to get them to have the air conditioning on during town driving and the windows open while on the highway.

Go electric to stop burning fossil fuels

While there are many ways that you can change the ways you use your vehicles to reduce the amount of diesel and petrol they burn, the unavoidable truth is that fossil fuels aren’t sustainable.

This means that if you really want to make your company cars more sustainable then you simply have to go electric.

I’m aware that this will cost your business money and it might be that you can’t go fully electric. For instance, we’re not quite at the stage where we have electric lorries. However, there’s a financial benefit to switching to electric cars. 
One caveat here, as vehicle technology changes, you should also consider approaching a driving school for further fleet training to keep your staff aware of any adaptations required.

From April 2020, electric cars no longer have to pay any benefit in kind (BIK) tax. Without knowing what vehicles you currently use, it’s impossible for me to say how much money this would save you. However, one thing I can say with 100% certainty is that paying zero BIK will cost you less than paying some BIK.



Using fuel cards, reducing your air conditioning consumption, and going electric are three great ways to make your company cars more sustainable. While you might not be able to put them all into practice right away, it should be easy to put at least one of them into practice today.

So, do your civic duty and look after the next generation by putting one of these tips into practice now. 



  1. Electric cars are the way to go. Let's hope we get more charging stations

  2. I'm trying to push my company to get electric cars. They are so much better for the environment.