4 Ways to Reuse Newspaper in Your Home

Although you can put your old newspapers straight into your recycling bin, newspapers can also have lots of useful uses around your home. Indeed, here at Kwiksweep the furniture removal company we recommend that you use newspaper in place of some other items in your home, that might not be as recyclable or biodegradable as a newspaper is. This is an Ad.

That way, by buying fewer plastic products, you will be helping do your bit to keep overuse of plastic down.

1. Gift Wrap For Presents

Whether it’s for something like a birthday or Christmas, we tend to spend a small fortune on gift wrapping every year. Not only is this money we could be saving, but most gift wrapping is also covered in foil or glitter, which means it cannot be recycled.

Instead, you can save up your newspapers or magazines and use them to wrap your presents. These can easily be dressed up with some ribbon to look fancier or you could even attempt to make a flower topper out of newspaper using an online tutorial.

Plus, although newspaper might not seem like the most celebratory of wrappings. It can actually look very effective – who knows, you might even start a new trend!

2. Padding For Packaging

Often, when we need to package something up, we will buy bubble wrap or even a padded envelope. The same goes for when we’re moving home, we want something padded that will protect our belongings.

Well, rather than opting for something with plastic, use old newspapers instead. Not only will this be much cheaper for you, it saves you from using unnecessary plastic use. Here you can wrap the newspaper around objects like plates and scrunch up bits of paper for items like glasses. You can even use your newspaper to bulk out any free spaces in your boxes for extra protection.

Plus, you can use newspaper when sending items in the mail to protect them!

3. For Composting

If you’re trying to get your compost pot going, some moist paper can really help you. Here just shred up some newspaper and add it into your food caddy. When it gets put into your compost bin it will be nice and moist and really help you get some nice, rich compost.

4. Shape Maintainer For Shoes And Bags

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, it’s unlikely that you have a massive walk-in closest where all your shoes and handbags can sit nicely and be safe from getting squashed. Much more likely, is that you have to squish all your accessories into a relatively small space, which often knocks them out of shape – even ruining them.

Instead, to help keep your shoes and handbags looking new, just stuff them with newspaper to help keep their shape. You can even use newspaper to help stretch shoes or boots that are too tight, just overstuff them with paper and when you remove it, your shoes will feel more room.

These are just a few of the ways you can reuse newspaper around your home. Even better, in most cases, you’ll still be able to recycle your newspaper when you’re done with it!


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  1. My MIL uses newspaper in her composting.