The Best Valentine’s Day Underwear Styles

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to plan a date night with your other half, whether it’s getting dressed up and going out or perhaps even staying in. The month of February is often dominated by Valentine’s Day, putting romance on everyone’s mind. This is an advertorial.

Whether it’s the 14th of February or not, feeling good is probably at the top of your priority list for date night. This can start with something as simple as your underwear, as it creates the very foundation of your outfit and even the whole mood for the night! Whether you want to impress an office romance or your long term partner there are underwear styles out there fo you.

Feeling confident and sexy in front of your date can be a huge deal, and wearing underwear that you love and that fits properly can enhance your figure. What’s more, the chance to buy yourself some new underwear feels like a great bit of self-indulgence that everyone deserves. With that in mind, how do you choose the best Valentine’s Day or date night underwear?

Choosing the right colour

The colour of your underwear is very much down to personal preference, but consider your skin tone and what colours may compliment it perfectly. Your skin tone or hair colour can determine the colours that will suit you the most, but if there’s a colour you really love regardless of that, go for it anyway!

If you have a warm or olive complexion with dark hair, go-to colours could include orange, red, golden yellow and deep green. Cooler skin tones will often suit colours like royal blue, emerald and deep purple.

Of course, if you’re setting a romantic mood, red and black are classic choices and can be incredibly flattering no matter what your skin tone is!

Picking the right fabric 

Touch is one of the most important senses when it comes to romance, so when picking your date night underwear, the fabric could make all the difference. Think of fabrics that are a little more luxurious or glamorous than your everyday cotton.

There are certain fabrics that are synonymous with a sense of luxury; silk or satin, in particular, can offer a smooth and gentle feel with its shimmery appearance. Similarly, lace often works well in romantic styles due to its partly sheer design, with a delicate style that works beautifully in any number of colours.

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, sheer or mesh inserts have become hugely popular in underwear. This maintains a sophisticated look with just a little peek of what’s underneath!

The best date night styles 

The best underwear for you often depends on what you feel most comfortable in; after all, you will naturally appear more confident if you’re comfortable in your outfit! So, whether you prefer full coverage or very little, there is the right underwear style out there for you.

High cut Brazilian briefs have become a huge trend in the underwear industry because they are the perfect balance of cheeky and modest. With a high cut leg, they naturally elongate your legs and accentuate your curves for that extra confidence boost. With the style being a Brazilian brief, it still offers good coverage on the front and back, perfect for those who don’t want to reveal everything at once.

A more playful style for Valentine’s Day is the French knicker. French knickers may appear to offer the most coverage out of all underwear styles, but this doesn’t take away from their intrigue. They are most similar to shorts, but they offer a very flattering silhouette that hints at your cheeky, playful side. French knickers are usually designed in a silky fabric and can lend themselves to a number of different prints.

The classic choice for any kind of date night is the thong. This is because the thong is perfect for wearing under form-fitting outfits and removing any visible lines; helpful at a time when you are most likely to be wearing a bodycon dress. The thong has very little coverage, making it the ultimate style to show off your assets!

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