Melvin Brewing and the Unique Appeal of Craft Beer

Are you looking for something a little different from your alcoholic beverage? Feel that your regular drink isn’t quite cutting it? Well, craft beers may be what you’re looking for. This is an #AD.

Ever since the ’70s, independent breweries have been gaining a steady prominence over the years and for good reason. Why is that you may ask? Well, let’s find out.

So what is craft beer? 

Craft beers are a type of beer made in comparatively small quantities by small, independent breweries. They tend to cover the gamut from canned to barrelled beers and aside from the brewing process, the standout difference between your typical beer and a craft beer is the goal: the flavour. 

Craft beers can be experimental and you are dealing with a range of beers and flavours you won't get in a big brewery, so the choice is bigger for beer lovers. Some craft beers are high in alcohol content, some are lower, some use standard ingredients but many put a twist on the flavours. You can get craft beers that use chilli in the ingredients and you can get craft beers that use chocolate for example. Some of the most popular are stouts and wheat beers as well as pale ale, though so it doesn't have to be all about unusual ingredients.

To have an interest in craft beers is to explore the range of brews out there to broaden your horizons or find your perfect, personal beer. 

What about craft breweries? 

Craft breweries are generally independent brewers that have a flair for experimentation. They strive to experiment with a range of beers and the craft brewery movement is popular across the globe, especially in the UK and Europe and also in the USA and Canada.

Craft brewers love the craft of making the perfect beer and many are members of associations like the Brewers Association for small and independent brewers, that strives to offer quality beer.

Melvin Brewing are an outstanding example of a craft brewer, winning numerous awards for their uniquely themed range and having the humour and style to match, with their mantra being ‘If your beer is not madness, it’s not beer’. The IPA's are outstanding and it's fun to try a flight of your favourite beers here.

Who are the people that drink craft beer?

Craft beer lovers are true beer lovers. They are people that love the art and craft of brewing, to get interesting flavours, and a quality and unique product. Often they don't like to go with the crowd, and instead, champion the independent breweries. Craft beer lovers are adventurous and fun-loving and many love the fact that organic ingredients, little preservatives and few additives are used in many craft beers. Some craft beers are vegan too. It may surprise you that all beer isn't vegan, as animal or fish products can be used in the clarifying process, but many craft beers are.

As you can see there are many things that appeal to people who are craft beers lovers. Let me know, do you like a craft beer? What's your favourite beer?


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