Mistakes Not To Make When Moving Home

Moving home can be a very tiring and stressful experience and there is no room for errors. You want to make sure everything is packaged up in time and that it all makes its way safely to the new property. But there are many mistakes people make when moving home that could easily be avoided. Here are some mistakes you need to make sure you don’t make next time you move home. This is an advertorial.

Not giving yourself enough time

Time can really run away with you when you’re moving house. You may think you will only need a week to get everything ready but that week will go by so quickly and if you’re not ready by moving day, tough. You need to make sure you have enough time to pack - perhaps even start packing weeks ahead of time to ensure you have everything ready by the big day. Then you don't have to rush and can take time to stop and have a cup of tea when you need to.

Not taking the opportunity to declutter

Why take a load of stuff with you that you don’t need? It is a waste of time and packaging materials. If you declutter as you go, you’ll ensure that you won’t be taking stuff over to the new property that you are going to get rid of anyway. Go through the kids toys - donate the stuff that they don’t longer play with, take the toys that are broken to the tip. Use the time wisely to make sure you get rid of anything you need to.

Not labelling your possessions

If you’re boxing stuff up, you’ll want to label them so you know exactly which box goes in which room. Otherwise, you will be doing a whole game of guess what is in this box and having to move them from room to room. With labels, you can put them straight in the room they are meant to be in so you know you can simply unpack them there and then.

Not hiring someone when you need the help

Sometimes you need actual professionals to help you move. 
A prime example of this is if you have a vintage or authentic car that you need help moving. The likelihood is, it won’t be road legal, so you’ll need to look for a firm similar to Cars Arrive Auto Relocation to help you relocate it safely.

If you don’t have much in the way of possessions then you may be able to move everything yourself but if you have large, heavy or awkward bits of furniture or appliances, you might want to hire some help. You can opt for professional movers who know exactly what they are doing, such as The Man Van, and can offer you a really reliable service.

Not setting up mail re-directs

Did you know you can get your mail re-directed? Don’t spend your packing time changing your address for various different things. Focus on changing it for the important people like tax office, driving licence, bank accounts. Get your mail re-directed so you can focus on all the other places when you’re finally all settled and moved in.

I hope this helps you not to make the same mistakes that other people have done in the past - it can be so easy to fall into these traps so make sure you’re completely focused on the move. Good luck in your new home!


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