Transition Your Fashion: Summer To Autumn

Now that we are in the middle of August, the end of summer is nigh and it might be something you are looking forward to or that you are sad to see come to fruition. Summertime is always fleeting and it seems to pass much more swiftly than any other season. If you are looking towards the autumn and winter with excitement or anticipation, we are here to help you transition your fashion in preparation for the change.

Add some length

During the summer, a lot of us live in maxi dresses and long skirts with silky camisoles, and once the time comes for autumn to say hello, we can make the most of these styles. The beauty of maxi dresses and skirts is the fact that they cover the leg completely and this will keep you from getting a chill as the weather slowly starts to cool down for the winter.

Layer it up

One of the best ways you can make an outfit pop and add some fun to a boring dress is to layer up with something else. There are lots of different ways you can layer up an outfit and this includes adding a buttoned shirt around the waist or over the shoulders, breaking out the thin cardigan, or wearing a denim jacket to keep out the chill. You can layer any outfit with something extra to give that feel on transition and it will show that you are more than ready to prepare for the autumn.

Break out the tartan

Tartan is a pattern which is associated highly with autumn and winter and it is a pattern you will likely be starting to see back in the shops already. Tartan comes in many colours and styles and you can choose a style which works for you and your taste. Once you have your tartan ready, you can enjoy wearing a little piece of autumn with your summer outfits while we transition from August to September.

Add some leather

Leather is a diverse fashion item and you can wear it in many different ways. Add a leather jacket or skirt to your outfit, to make you look more autumn ready in seconds. Plus, you’ll stay nice and toasty and your look will always be timeless! 

Wear a scarf

A scarf doesn’t always have to be big and fluffy and thick. A scarf can also be thin and breezy and used as a fashion item. A scarf can be worn at any time of the year whether it be summer or winter and this is a great way to start the transition in your fashion for the year.

Break out the boots 

You have likely been living in flats and sandals for the last few months in the heat, but when the autumn reigns in it is time to change to ankle boots and cute heels. You can take the time now to finish off a summery outfit with a pair of boots to help show that small transition towards cooler fashion.

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