Arranging A Prom On A Budget

If you have teenage kids you may know all about the pressure of prom night. In my day we just had a disco and that was that. There wasn't the pressure that we have today with social media, and many teens wanting the perfect outfit for Instagram.

Often there is the added pressure of trying to outdo each other as well. We can see that in the US especially. If you have a girlfriend there is the 'promposal' according to the New York Post. where the proposer has to have a level of creativity and thoughtfulness!

So if you are a parent of teens what can you do to take the pressure out of the prom? Here are some ideas you can try.

1. Have a heart to heart

This is especially important if you are on a limited budget. Talk to your child about prom night. Explore the fact that you have a limited budget to prepare for the prom or why not encourage them to contribute themselves financially if they work. Realistic expectations are important. Ask them what their plans are and get creative to limit the cost. Getting in the right mindset is important, it can be a perfect prom without everything costing a fortune.

2. Getting to the prom

If they are looking for a limo to get to the prom, can they get together with friends to split the cost? You can get them to ask around parents to see if anyone has a classic or sports car to use to get to the prom, and would be willing to use it for petrol money. If you don't live far away you can always walk to the prom and show off your outfit on the way.

3. Prom dress

If they, you, or a friend are a whizz on the sewing machine you could make them a dress. Another option would be to get a prom dress second hand from an auction site, charity or vintage store. Alternatively, choose your prom dress or suit from a budget online or high street store. You don't have to spend hundreds to get that perfect dress. When in doubt go for something that looks classic, don't forget you will look back on the photos in years to come. Then use accessories to make them look unique.

4. Accessories

Accessories like a bag and shoes can be picked up relatively cheaply if you know where to look. Browse charity or vintage shops for that bag or jewellery no one else will have. Look for shoes in the sales or go for a classic pair of courts you can wear again. Accessories can really make a look but don't spend a fortune on them, it's not worth it. No one will remember what bag you had in 20 years time.

5. Hair and makeup

Having your hair and makeup done obviously costs money, so maybe you can help to style their hair and do their makeup for them or get them to practice beforehand and do it themselves. There are a lot of YouTube hairstyling videos out there as well as makeup videos. Alternatively maybe one of their friends is great with hair or makeup.

6. Photos

Don't forget to take photos of the prom girl or boy and their partner if they have one. Some natural photos of them getting ready as well as more posed photos will be great for them to look back on. Do you have a garden to take some photos, as the lighting may be better? If you are not great with a camera maybe a friend or family member is better and will come to take some photos for your child.

7. Build their confidence

Don't forget to tell them how amazing they look. It can be a nerve-wracking time for your child. Sometimes confidence comes in numbers so ask if they want to invite their friends or prom date over to all go from one place.  As you wave your child goodbye tell them to take a deep breath and enjoy!


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