Healthy Breakfast Inspiration

Breakfast is thought to be the most important meal of your day and research has suggested that people who eat breakfast are slimmer because they eat less during the day, especially high-calorie snacks. So I feel it's important to build a healthy breakfast into your diet every day. 

Some of these recipes can be made the night before so you can be sure to have a healthy breakfast sorted when you are in a rush. Having overnight oats in your fridge ready from the night before or a healthy whole grain waffle mix can ensure you don't reach for the unhealthy choices when you are pushed for time.  

Here are some healthy breakfast inspirational ideas for when you don't know what to have. These dishes are packed full of nutrition but are not necessarily low-calorie so remember this in mind if you are on a low-calorie diet. 

Freshly made waffles

Waffles make a lovely breakfast treat, especially on the weekend or your days off when you have time to cook from scratch. Make the batter in advance so it's ready in the morning, or use a ready-made waffle mix if you are pushed for time, I like one made with wholemeal flour for added fibre. If you make the batter from scratch, the eggs will add protein and keep you full. Add some fruit and a little sugar-free maple syrup for a sweet treat, or wilted spinach and melted cheese for a savoury option that makes a great weekend breakfast.

Overnight oats

Overnight oats are a new favourite breakfast in our household. All you need for a simple breakfast is rough porridge oats, apple juice, and natural yoghurt. Just mix all together at a consistency you like and leave overnight in the fridge. In the morning add some extra yoghurt if needed, a little honey for sweetness and top with your favourite fruit. You get the fibre from the oats, which are also heart-healthy, the protein from the yoghurt so it keeps you full and the vitamins and fibre from the fruit and apple juice. Delicious!

Breakfast bowls

Breakfast bowls are all the rage at the moment. I like to use granola in my breakfast bowls, but be sure to read the ingredients as granola is not automatically healthy. A mix of nutritious nuts and seeds like chia, quinoa and flax seeds can be added, and use your favourite fruit like blueberries (high in antioxidants), strawberries (high in vitamin C) and bananas (high in potassium which can help lower blood pressure). 

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelettes are brilliant to use up leftover vegetables. Put your pan on the heat and add a touch of olive oil or use a non-stick frying pan to cut down on the fat.  Mix up your omelette base with eggs, seasoning and a little milk. Add to the hot pan. If you want to add some meat, chopped up leftover chicken or cooked turkey bacon are low in fat and are good for protein. Add a selection of cooked vegetables like peppers, peas, onion, courgettes. You can also add some leftover sliced potatoes, sweet potatoes are especially nutritious. Then you have a complete meal in one. This dish can also be cut into wedges and served with salad and whole-grain toast for a tasty lunch for all the family. 

Smashed avocado on toast

This delicious breakfast is made with wholemeal toast, avocado and scrambled egg. Wholemeal toast and avocado contain fibre to fill you up. Avocado is nutrient-rich and packed full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your heart and your brain, as well as folate,  which could lower your risk of depression.  If you are not vegan add some protein from the egg which is a good source of vitamin B, A and D. 

Homemade smoothies

Homemade smoothies are a delicious way to start the day, especially if you are not used to eating a big breakfast in the morning. Start with your favourite milk - soya or nut milk make a good alternative to cows milk too. Add some of your favourite fruit, and if you want extra nutrition a handful of nuts and seeds, flax seeds are particularly nutritious. Whizz it up in a blender and you have a healthy smoothie packed full of goodness.

Grab and go cereal bar

If you are pushed for time in the morning,  make some healthy grab and go cereal bars once a week and you are set for every day. Some popular ingredients are oats, nuts, seeds like pumpkin seeds or flax seeds, dried fruit, goji berries and pureed dates for sweetness or agave or honey. The nuts and seeds are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, the oats are great for your heart and keep you full longer. Great to grab for a breakfast on the go or for a snack later in the day. 

For more healthy breakfast inspiration check out this article by the NHS on healthy breakfast recipes. Let me know, do you have a favourite healthy breakfast?

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  1. Overnight oats are one of my most favourite breakfasts. I will definitely be giving some of these other options a try

  2. An omelette is about the closes I come to a healthy breakfast. I like oatmeal in the winter so the overnight oats could be a fit.

    1. Omelettes are good - high in protein. Make sure you pack it full of veggies for fibre.

  3. I make waffles here, although I am not sure just how healthy they are - the fruit does help

    1. If you use wholemeal flour then they great to fill you up. With added protein from the egg and fruit as well they can be healthy.

  4. I've managed to find an overnight oats recipe that I like, not quite sure what it is that I don't get on with. The Spanish omelette, however, sounds delightful

  5. Spanish omelettes are my favourite kind of breakfast just now - I'm making more of an effort to eat a healthy breakfast these days, and it really does keep my daytime snacking down.

  6. I love spanish omelette, but have never actually had one for brekky LOL! Once my kitchen is sorted I want to start making overnight oats x

  7. I love avocado and scrambled egg for breakfast - delicious!

  8. I do overnight oats most mornings, they really suit my routine and fill me up until lunchtime x

  9. Some really fabulous iedas here, especially for those of us who rarely make the time to eat x