Ways To Cheat On Your Gardening Chores

Not all of us love to garden but no matter what type of outdoor space you have, making the effort to maintain it so it looks clean and presentable can give you a great sense of satisfaction. Here are a few ways to cheat on your garden chores.

Use Artificial Grass

The grass is a staple in many front or back gardens but it can be difficult to maintain over time. There’s a risk of it yellowing from lack of sun or flooding from a particularly bad storm, which leaves your garden looking like a swamp. So why not use something like artificial grass? It always looks like you have a brand new lawn and it will take very little maintenance to keep up. It’ll likely work out a lot cheaper over the long run compared to purchasing grass which you then have to spend time and money in keeping nice.

Put In Extra Paving

The more space you take up with things like decking and paving, the less room you’ll have for plants and flowers. This can actually be a blessing because paving simply needs sweeping or washing down every now again but that’s much easier than having to water plants and do the weeding. Decking is probably a little bit more work but it’s nothing compared to having to deal with the upkeep of plants! Think about creating a garden path using tiling and stones. That’s even more space that you can use up.

Contain Your Plants In One Area

Rather than planting your flowers and plants all over the garden, it’s much less time-consuming to plant your flowers in a pot. You can then strategically place them around the garden to add a burst of colour from where you look to sit in the garden and from what you can see from inside your home. That way you will know where everything is so the risk of them dying is minimised. You can also then change them out and replace them with new coloured plants to suit each season. Hanging baskets are also a great way of containing your flowers and they look really pretty placed along fencing or hanging off the exterior walls of your property.

Choose Hard To Kill Plants

The best way of saving time in the garden is to pick out the plants and flowers that need very little care or attention. These are ones like cacti which basically need very little water and will likely get what they need from the weather around them. Fencing is better than bordering your garden with bushes. They’ll need pruning every so often and fencing will only ever need a lick of paint occasionally.

Gardening can be made a lot easier, it's just knowing what alternatives are going to save you time that you can spend doing something you enjoy rather than something that's a chore. Artificial grass is certainly a top hack and choosing plants that take little care are going to be your best bet of enjoying the outdoor space but not needing to do much to it.

*Collaborative post


  1. There are so many top tips here. Great idea for cutting corners but without losing any of the quality xx

  2. We got artificial grass last year and it's made garden maintenance so much easier

  3. I really want artificial grass as mowing the lawn is a real bind

  4. We have artificial grass because we had real trouble with real grass and it's so convenient. These are such great tips.