The Best Garden Tools To Make Life Easier For A Beginner

When you move into your first house, and if it has a garden it can really be a start of a life long passion for gardening, and after all the hard work is done there is nothing nicer than sitting in a garden with a cup of tea, listening to the birds singing in the beautiful surroundings of flowers and trees. 

I am sure the peaceful surroundings and the exercise are therapeutic and many scientists agree with me too, as gardening has been shown to be a great form of exercise, to lower stress and anxiety and decrease depression. I also feel that focusing on one activity like gardening can really help clear the mind.

Of course, gardening can also be hard work and it's helpful to have a gardening tool box on hand to make life easier for you too. The best garden tool box would have the perfect gardening items for an easier life, and we all want an easier life don't we?

I've been looking around recently for some of the best gardening products so if you are new to gardening or want to refresh your garden tool box, here are some of the best garden tools to make life easier especially for a beginner.

Watering Can

A watering can is essential for every garden, to water plants and irritate the soil for newly planted seeds. Most have a rose on the end, which provides a lighter spray for younger or more fragile plants.


A garden hose is useful for almost every garden. If you have grass, plants or trees you really need to buy a garden hose to help water everything. Make sure it's long enough for your garden. You may want to invest in one with a reel to make it easier to collect.


A rake is useful for levelling the soil and gathering up leaves and other garden debris. Test the weight of the rake in the shop to see if its suitable for you


A garden fork breaks up hard and compacted soil and is useful for digging up plants and turning over earth. Every gardener should have one in their garden tool box if you have any lawn or you are into planting fruit, vegetables or other plants.

Garden trowel

A garden trowel is another essential for any keen gardener. A scoop-shaped implement with a pointed end, it's useful for digging up weeds, making holes for planting, mixing in fertiliser and more.

Pruning shears

If you grow shrubs, rose bushes or trees then pruning shears (also called secateurs) are essential 
for cutting back the plants.

Spade or shovel

A spade used for digging and a shovel used for scooping are both useful items for your garden tool box. They are both intended to move earth and you can get away with just one for your garden if you are on a tight budget.


If you have a moderately large or very large garden, a wheelbarrow is useful for moving soil or compost around. If you can afford a two wheel wheelbarrow they are easier to handle.


If you have any type of lawn even small you really need a lawnmower. They are available to buy from around £50 although the more expensive ones are often easier to use and more effective.

Of course, if you love gardening you will want to invest in more items than this but these are the best garden tools to make life easier for a beginner or novice gardener. 

Let me know, do you like gardening?

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  1. We don't have a garden as such, we have concrete terrace, so we have plants and veg in pots and I absolutely love de-potting, growing and watching things grow x

  2. I do find gardening very therapeutic, but you're right having the best tools makes that so much easier.