Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames And The Best Brands

Adjustable bed frames have copious benefits and can often be overlooked in the industry as they aren’t well known for being in the home setting. However adjustable frames can actually improve your sleep tenfold, and there are plenty of brands out there providing luxurious options with a whole host of different paybacks. 

The Overall Benefits

If you’ve not considered an adjustable frame before, it might be a complete mystery as to why someone would consider purchasing such a product. One such benefit is being able to raise or lower both the upper and lower body which can relieve pressure on the back and ease any aches or pains. It can also provide relief from a range of conditions, such as sleep apnea, edema, snoring and fibromyalgia.

The flexibility can also make it easier for those with mobility issues to get in and out of bed both easier and safer. For those concerned about how they’ll match your d├ęcor, many manufacturers are making them look like your typical bed, ensuring they suit any bedroom perfectly.


The brand that offers the best range of luxury bonuses on their adjustable beds? Some say Amerisleep. Amerisleep offers twin XL, full, queen and split bed king sizes and boast a 20-year warranty. The adjustable beds also include 8 USD ports for phone and technology charging.

Some of the best features include its Wallhugger Engineering that means even as you raise the top of the mattress, you don’t move forward. Instead, that mattress pulls back as it goes up, resulting in you remaining in the same place at all times; perfect for reaching your nightstand. There’s also no need to worry about slipping when raising the frame as MicroHook Retention System prevents the mattress from slipping.


Tempurpedic offers the Premiere, the Plus and the Grand. The brand has received a good customer rating that averages out at 4.5/5 and that’s down to its good durability and range of features, including wireless remote and massage settings. The cost is slightly higher for what it offers but customers can enjoy a range of warranty offers.

Classic Brands

A new competitor in the industry, Classic Brands have a range of added features, including USB ports and a 3-year warranty. There have been concerns about the quality of the remote and legs, but others have praised them, so it could be an issue that’s now been ironed out. They do have a good price range, meaning you can get a basic adjustable frame for a low price.

Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

So, you’ve got your sight set on an adjustable bed, but what do you do about the mattress? Most frames will be able to pair up with a mattress of choice, and some frames even come with mattress already attached. However, if you are buying separately, it’s always worth checking that they’ll work together, as some mattresses won’t be compatible, such as some innerspring mattresses that can’t bend to fit the adjustable angles.

Have you ever considered an adjustable bed frame?

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