Tips On Enjoying Orlando When It’s Raining

If you're visiting Orlando on holiday or have just invested in a home for sale in Orlando, you should always be ready with a plan B when making plans in case it starts to rain. Whether it’s a short, summer storm or extended rainfall that lasts for days, rain can fall in Florida during any season, but that doesn’t mean that it has to ruin your day. Here are some of the best places to visit on a rainy day in Orlando.

Sea Life Orlando

If you or your young ones had your heart set on a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to see some up-close and personal wildlife, only to find it pouring buckets outside, there’s a great alternative at Sea Life Orlando at I-Drive 360. Travel + Leisure magazine recommends Sea Life’s 360-degree underwater tunnel with views of sharks and stingrays swimming overhead. Spending the day with many sea creatures large and small, families can enjoy the various themed habitats, some of them featuring bubble-tanks you can poke your head through for unique and close views!

Topgolf Orlando 

Nothing is worse than having a group of friends meet up for a day of golf, only to see clouds in the forecast. Aside from featuring some incredible golf courses, Orlando also hosts Topgolf, a fantastic indoor golf centre that features much more than putting greens and a clubhouse. In addition to being able to track stats and shot accuracy, Topgolf’s six-person, climate-controlled hitting bays are an excellent option for get-togethers. If anyone gets tired of playing, they can also watch one of the hundreds of high-definition TVs, spend time at the full-service restaurant and bar, enjoy the free Wi-Fi, or soak up some sun on the rooftop terrace with a fire pit.


A rainy day doesn’t have to ruin a fun-filled day for kids, either. Instead of visiting an outdoor theme park and risking running into closed rides and wet lines, take the party inside at the epic indoor amusement park, WonderWorks. With unique entertainment such as virtual roller coasters, challenging indoor obstacle courses, interactive, virtual reality sports games, and even a gigantic laser tag maze, there’s no doubt that kids young and old will enjoy a fun-filled day without suffering a single drop of water on their heads.  It's also home of the Out Of Control Magic Show which is great fun and which we did a few years ago.

Kennedy Space Center 

If you want a true Orlando experience rich with a fascinating history and a plethora of interesting factoids, the Kennedy Space Center is the place to go. Aside from being NASA’s launch headquarters, this historical goldmine puts visitors face-to-face with gigantic rockets, in the chair of a real flight simulator, in the presence of legendary veteran astronauts, and even features an immersive and informative IMAX show. If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about the space program or have a space junky in your family, this is definitely the place to go, rain or shine.  Check out the astronaut talks, highly recommended!

iFly Orlando 

One great way to combat a rainy day is to take to the skies…indoors! iFly Orlando allows both kids and adults to feel the thrill of skydiving no matter what the forecast says. Educators and guides will show everything from live demonstrations in their state-of-the-art wind tunnel to lab activities and interactive presentations to make for a seriously fun day of both learning and flying. No matter what age you are, this incredibly fun experience is something you’ll treasure for days, months, and years to come!  Both Mr W and our son Jake did this a few years ago and had so much fun.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games 

It’s no fun driving in the rain, but what is fun is the world’s longest indoor go-kart track. Even better than high-speed thrills, Orlando Insider Vacations describes Andretti Indoor Karting & Games as having a ton of activities to help you escape rainy days in Orlando. Aside from go-karts, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games offers virtual reality games, a laser tag field, a 7D ride, indoor zip lining, a giant arcade, and even boutique upscale bowling lanes. There’s literally something for everybody, and it’s an excellent way to spend a rainy day with a large group. 

When living in nearly any city in Florida, it seems like rain is never far around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that there is any shortage of fun to be had in a unique and sprawling city like Orlando. Even when 'The Sunshine State' is full of clouds, there are plenty of ways to spend the day with a warm smile on your face! Whether you just need to kill a few hours or wait of a series of storms, hopefully, this list can point you in the right direction for a fun time with friends, family, and guests of any and every age.

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  1. Wonderworks sounds amazing! I love Sea Life Centres and my favourite part is always walking through the 360 degree tunnels. Truely feel underwater in these!

  2. Some great ideas to be had here....I think the Space Center would be my favorite be able to see the history of our space program would be awesome.

  3. I really want to to Orlando; even in the rain, it sounds like there is so much to see and do there.

  4. Great post, it rained when we were there and so it is nice to have options of what to do if this happens

  5. We returned from Orlando last month and wow when it rains there it definitely does pour. Indoor activities is a must!

  6. I so want to visit. Wonderwors looks amazing and yes to NASA too! Mich x

  7. We are hoping to make it to Orlando next year, wonderworks is high on our list.

  8. I’ve been to Orlando many years ago and really liked it there :) would love to go back soon!

  9. Sounds like there is a huge range of activities to try if it’s raining. I would personally love to go to the Kennedy space centre as I’ve been fascinated with space since I was a kid