How To Hold A Summery Cocktail Party In Winter

Winter is here and you may be dreaming of warm sunny days and holidays. I know I am! The cold, wet weather can really get you down, can't it? However, there are things you can do to cheer yourself up, booking a holiday for one. If you don't have the budget, another way to invoke a feeling of summer is with a summery garden cocktail party.  So here are some things you need to do to create that summer feeling and hold a summery cocktail party to wow your friends.

Cosy does it

Firstly, ensure the environment is cosy. You can do this by providing shelter, with a garden tent or add some patio heaters and firepits. No one wants to be cold. Having blankets at hand will ensure everyone is comfortable, and this brings me onto the next point - seating.

Plenty of seating

For your party, plenty of seating is great, so you can relax and chat rather than standing the whole time. A mix of garden benches and chairs works well. Sloane and Sons garden benches are ideal for this. In fact, anything you have in your home will do if you are stuck, even beanbags and laundry chests. Just be sure that people are comfy with plenty of cushions and throws if need be. 

Get the food in

Food is important especially if you are serving alcohol. Go for some easy to eat but tasty party food like sliders, pigs in blankets, mini pizzas or mouth sized kebabs. You could always think of a country, such as Spain and serve tapas and sangria or Italy and serve bruschetta and prosecco. The World is your oyster.

It's all about the cocktails

A designated bar area is a great idea. Get your equipment together in advance - a table to put the wines, spirits and mixers, perhaps a coolbox for ice, a cocktail shaker, a measure for spirits and some garnishes for cocktails. It's a good idea to stick to one or two types of cocktails to make it easy or why not create a cocktail list? Check what ingredients you need beforehand and get everything you need in and prepped. If you want to show off, practice so you know you can make a good Mojito or Tequila Sunrise. to wow your friends. 

For some simple cocktails check out the infographic below.

Infographic showing various ways of making different cocktails So here are some ways to hold a summery cocktail party in Winter. Have you ever held a party in your garden?


  1. Oh my goodness, you have some classics there. I love a fruity cocktail and anything that makes me think of summer is a winner. Mich x

  2. I'm all about a summery style cocktail party anytime of the year!! Also all these cocktails sound soooo good

    Laura x