Choosing Kitchen Worktops

If you are having a new kitchen fitted or you are upgrading your kitchen by refurbishing it, one thing you will have to think about is the kitchen worktops. Replacing them on a old kitchen can make all the difference to the overall look of the kitchen and they are also an integral part of a new kitchen, but there are a surprising amount of options to choose from.

All kitchen worktops have to be hardwearing and withstanding food preparation. They come in a variety of prices and have a different aesthetic look depending on the substance used. To take you through the various options, here is a guide to choosing kitchen worktops.  


Marble worktops give a luxurious high-end look in a kitchen. Even piece of marble is different so your worktops will be unique. Marble is cool to the touch and doesn't get hot so it is good surface for people who like to bake a lot and make pastry. It's fairly easy to maintain and clean with wam water and a mild detergent. It can scratch over time as its a natural substance but you shouldn't notice it much due to the natural design of the material.


Glass has a variety of benefits. It is modern and chic in a kitchen and is heat resisitant and very durable. It's easy to keep clean and hugienic too. It comes in a variery of sizes and shapes and colours to fit in with any kitchen. The only problem with glass is that it needs frequent cleaning and can be expensive. 


Laminate is a great budget option, so if you are on a limited budget consider this. It can be made to look like more expensive worksurfaces and is scratch and heat resistant. It's easy to mainain too. Laminates don't seem to last as well over time however and can peel or even burn and melt.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is often used in industrial or high-end kitchen restaurants. It has a very modern look so wouldn't be suitable for more traditional style houses and kitchens. It is strong, easy to clean, waterproof and antibacterial. It can give off a look that is cold and clinical however. It's not a cheap option as well.


Wood works well in a traditional kitchen, especially in a older house. Maple, oak and beech are popular choices. The look of wood improves with age and every piece of wood is unique, They are naturally resistant to germs and bacteria. Wood does need some upkeep however. They need to be oiled regularly to ensure it is protected from water and they can mark with heat so avoid putting hot pans and dishes on a wooden work surface. They are reasonable in price but more expensive than laminates.


Composite worktops where two or more materials are combined together can be hardwearing, very hygienic and easy to install.  Diresco worktops are one such example and they are made of a combination of granite granuels, high quality resin, authentic quartz, and varying pigments. With a range of natural looking finishes its a luxurious finish that can be surprisingly cost-effecive.

As you can see there are a number of different worktops you can pick for your kitchen. Which do you have in your kitchen?

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  1. At the moment I have black marble effect but we would like to extend and re-do our kitchen in a couple of years time and I would love a solid wood work surface. Like you said every piece of wood is different and I love that. I have a lot of wooden features in my house and I love how it makes the room feel.