Popular Charms: What Do They Really Mean?

From butterflies to lockets, to angel wings, there’s no shortage of beautiful charms available. But how much thought do you give to what the accessories in your jewellery box actually represent? The fact is, aside from looking stunning, these sparkling trinkets can say a lot about you.

In their recent infographic ‘What Does Your Charm Bracelet Really Mean?’, jewellery experts Kigu Of London explored the sentiment behind these popular accessories. Check out the meanings below.


Arguably the most iconic of all jewellery symbols, heart-shaped charms have been used to denote romance, love and passion since the middle ages. When it has an arrow travelling through it, it’s said to symbolise a heart that’s been captured. As well as love, hearts are also associated with truth, guidance, power and life.


Feather charms have a variety of different meanings. To some, they represent protection, lightness, freedom or truth. For others, they’re used to bring luck. Meanwhile, they’re also linked to angels and used to represent faith and prayer in certain religions.


Butterflies have long been associated with change. After all, these small creatures undergo one of nature’s great transformations turning first from a caterpillar into a chrysalis and then into a delicate butterfly. This makes butterfly charms a great choice for people who are starting something new, whether it’s a career change or moving to a new area. Butterfly jewellery can also represent joy and colour.


Typically passed down in families between the generations, lockets represent treasured memories. In the past, they often contained small photos or locks of hair. Even though modern designs tend to be miniaturised, they’ve kept their symbolic power.

Angel wings

For many people, angel wings have a strong spiritual meaning. They’re also often used to indicate love and protection, and they can be given a present to show that the recipient has a guardian angel watching down over them.

If you’d like to know more about what particular charms mean, why not take a look at the Kigu of London infographic for yourself?


  1. I love charms. I have a charm bracelet but I don’t wear it these days as it’s so heavy and the clasp is unreliable. I really need to get it changed so I can start wearing it again.

    1. It should be cheap to get the clasp fixed Kacie, so get it done and you can enjoy wearing the bracelet again

  2. I adore charms and these are gorgeous. Definitely a collection I would love.

    1. I have a traditional charm bracelet in silver and two bead charm bracelets.

  3. Charms bracelets are so lovely, I remember my Mum used to collect charms for her bracelet. It's lovely to know what some of them meant.

    1. I think it's so easy to personalise a charm bracelet and it can really man something to you.