Is Smart Jewellery The Future of Accessories?

Jewellery has long been considered an accessory piece to spruce up or finish our appearance, however, what if jewellery could do more – like represent our interests or even track your stress levels? It certainly sounds an interesting concept however previous wearables have been bulky and unsightly so what makes smart or tech-inspired jewellery so different? 

Wearing tech-inspired jewellery, whether purposely designed like a ring fashioned out of a circuit board or accessorising using tech – bracelets made from USB cables, for instance, can be a good way to represent your personal interests. It can also make a good talking point when meeting new people acting like a good ice-breaker in certain situations.

Smart jewellery stands to change the face of wearable technology, no longer does smart tech for menswear or womenswear need to be bulky or square, instead, more smart jewellery that is lightweight and unnoticeable is becoming available as smart technology develops. One of the best features of smart jewellery has to be the opportunity to not only look fashionable but offer functionality too.

What Is Smart Jewellery?

You are likely familiar with smartwatches that have been available on the market for a few years now. Smart jewellery is a similar concept but allows for more unique designs than the commonly seen luxury or bulky watches, from bracelets and necklaces, there have even been a few unique ring designs.

Smart jewellery tends to prioritise fitness tracking, which includes active minutes, calories burned, and distance travelled. However, you’ve also got designs that include sleep tracking data, allowing you to see how long you slept and the quality of sleep achieved, in addition to a silent alarm that wakes you up gradually. Women’s jewellery designs have been developed to include fertility and period tracking, which is quite incredible, considering it is a small tracker on your wrist or around your neck.

Possibly the most helpful design feature includes a stress tracker, which uses information based on the amount of exercise completed, the quality of your sleep and the speed and distance details of your most recent journeys to track how likely you are to experience stress during your day. This can be particularly helpful for those trying to avoid stress, allowing individuals to be prepared and take steps to calm down.

NFC-based jewellery is another upcoming type of smart accessory, this smart jewellery allows for you to share information with a quick tap – perfect for conference or exhibition attendees. Compatibility for NFC support includes being able to make payments and unlock or lock compatible locks and devices. When inserted into rings, it can be quite a cool feeling to exchange your contact information with a simple fist bump.

Best Tech-Inspired Jewellery

If smart jewellery isn’t at the top of your wish-list, consider some tech-inspired jewellery to represent your interests. There are plenty of interesting designs available from intriguing mechanical designs including cogs and movable gears on men’s designer bracelets and mini-drone cufflinks. To beautiful pendants and earrings fashioned with keyboard keys or even battery-operated glowing tech symbols.

Some amazing crafty jewellery makers have even incorporated existing technology equipment into their designs, from colourful bracelets made from computer ribbons to belts created by plaiting together unusable or spare USB or ethernet cables.

Jewellery doesn’t just have to be about being fashionable but is a great way to make a statement about your job or personal interests. Whether you go for some subtle cufflinks or bracelet or want to be more outspoken with a necklace or broach. Why not get creative and craft some tech-inspired jewellery yourself? You can even incorporate your unique accessories into a fun activity with friends and family.

As memory cards get ever smaller in size and bigger in capacity, the future of smart jewellery is open to rapid change – we could start seeing mp3 players set into earrings or potentially mobile projectors fitted into bracelets. The always changing future of technology, paired with smart jewellery, will certainly be an exciting industry to watch.

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  1. Oh wow I've got to be honest I've not heard of Smart Jewellery before! It sounds ingenious on one hand, but on the other risky as jewellery can be lost easily.

  2. I have to admit I've never really thought about smart jewellery - but it definitely sounds like an interesting idea, not sure I would be up for having contactless payment in ring though - quite yet.

  3. Other than Smart Watches and fitness trackers I don't know much about smart jewellery. It sounds amazing though! It's fascinating how far and fast technology is moving.

  4. I really hadn't thought about jewellery serving this function but it is a fab idea and so convenient.

  5. I must admit I’ve been a huge fan of the smart watches and find it easier to help track my daily activities and movements. I think it is certainly the way forward , the idea of a usb stick bracelet is very clever.

  6. Wow not ever heard of this before, but sounds like this could be a great way to pay, as long as the safety is secure x