How To Look Smarter

Some people give off an air of intelligence. You look at them, and you get the instant impression that they are smart. Of course, it might not be true. Sometimes, the person that you wouldn’t think of as an academic has a degree, loves a bit of classic literature, and takes a keen and intellectual interest in world news and events. While someone who looks like the smartest person in the room has never read a book. You should never judge a book by its cover, of course, and it’s always wise to remember that intelligence comes in many different forms.

However sometimes, looking smart can give you a head start. Turning up for a job interview, looking intelligent, can make the right first impression. It can also boost your confidence. If you are meeting a group of new people, or presenting a work project to colleagues, looking smarter can help you to feel smarter. You might find that by merely looking clever, you feel like you know what you are talking about, you enjoy the way that other people look at you, and you speak with greater confidence and articulation. So, if you want to look smarter, here are some great ways to do it.


There’s something about glasses that makes everyone look and feel more scholarly. Stylish simple frames can make all the difference.  Glasses 2 You have some wonderful choices, and even if you don’t need a prescription, clear glass in sensible frames can work fantastically well. Glasses draw attention to your face and your eyes. People are more likely to listen to you in greater depth and focus on what you have got to say, and the passion behind your eyes, if you are wearing glasses.

Natural Makeup

Makeup is a fantastic way to highlight your natural beauty and to subtly change your look, depending on your mood, your outfit and what you are doing. But, if you want to look smarter, less is often more. Natural makeup, without too much colour, shine or too much going on around your eyes, means that people won’t be focusing on your makeup. They’ll be looking at you, and listening to what you’ve got to say, without distraction.

Speak Less, Listen More

Sometimes, when we are trying to impress people with our knowledge, we speak too much. We get carried away and try to tell them absolutely everything that we know.  So, learn to speak less but also learn how to listen, without interrupting. Then, ask insightful and interesting questions to show a keen interest in the subject.


People trust a smile. Smiling makes you look confident, clever, and approachable. People will listen to you, respect what you’ve got to say and tr
ust your knowledge and opinions if you look them in the eye and smile at them. Be sure to maintain your bright smile with mini dental implants manchester to keep your pearly whites looking clean and healthy.

Good Posture

Good posture improves your core strength as well as makes you look like someone that takes care of themselves and will make you feel confident too. If you are in a job interview, good posture can make you look like someone to be taken seriously and possibly more intelligent. It could even help you get that job.

So although there is no substitution for education, whether in a college or university setting or self-taught, here are some ways to help you look and feel smarter easily today.

*Collaborative post


  1. These are great tips for job interviews, and definitely something I need to consider in the very near future, especially as I'm just finishing my PhD! :)

  2. Speak less, listen more and smile are key! Must remember :)

    1. It's hard sometimes though isn't it? Always good to show you are listening.