6 Reasons To Get Your Car Serviced This Summer

Car Servicing is so important and especially so in the Summer. Many of you will be driving long distances this Summer, maybe going on a road trip or even driving to the airport. Can you imagine the inconvenience if your car overheats or breaks down? So get the car serviced now before it's too late. Here are some reasons why you should have your car serviced this Summer.

1. Servicing doesn't have to be expensive.

Many different types of services are available, e.g. full, interim and basic and it depends on the car's needs to choose a type which is right. If you have an older car and haven't had it serviced for a while, think about the full service, as you will have peace of mind knowing your car will get a thorough overhaul.  A full service will also check the air conditioning, really important on a hot summer's day.  If you have a limited budget for servicing your car you may visit this website to help with the costs.  A basic service will still cover an oil and filter change and a top-up of all the key fluids. You can also let them know about any problems you are having with the car and they can get it checked using an 
icarsoft cr max diagnostic device.

2. It keeps you and your family safe

Check with your local garage but a full service usually covers brake pads and brake fluid, essential to keep you safe, as well as safety checks on the windscreen and tyres. A company like DAT Tyres offer you to book a full car service online, which makes it convenient for you and costs less than franchised dealers. Remember any reputable garage will give you good quality service, you don't have to go to the most expensive. Choose a family-run business that will want to protect its reputation.

3. It prolongs the life of the car

Having a car serviced by someone like this shop offering both servicing and auto repair lakewood on a regular basis will help prolong its life. Having the oil and filters changed regularly will prevent major issues by stopping dirt and dust from affecting the car's performance. Getting the car serviced will also prolong the engine's longevity. Checking wear and tear on the car before major issues happen will save time and money.

4. It saves you money

As I said above regular servicing will spot problems early on and prevent them from getting worse, thus saving you money in the long run. Having the oil and filter replaced improves the car's performance and makes for a more fuel-efficient car. Ensuring your tyres are properly inflated and of the right pressure will improve fuel consumption. Don't forget if your car is going to be loaded down with cases and people for a road trip, check the tyre pressures, they may need to be inflated, and this is important for safety.

5. It will keep you comfortable

Having underinflated tyres is not only dangerous but will give you a bumpy ride. Having the right pressure in your tyres will ensure your journey is comfortable. On a full service, the garage will also check the air conditioning. Ensuring this is working properly will make you feel comfortable in the car on a hot day. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a traffic jam on a summer's day in a stuffy car without air conditioning.

6. It will help with the resale value

Having a full-service history, or even a record of regular servicing will help when you sell the car. It will show you've looked after the car and you can command more money if you have a service history.

Tell me, do you have your car serviced regularly?

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  1. My partner is so bad at getting his car serviced. No amount of nagging seems to help!

  2. I'm pretty bad about getting my car serviced as I only use it for short journeys.

    1. It's a good idea to still get it serviced as it will give you peace of mind.

  3. I always prep my car for summer and winter! It changes alot

    1. It it important to do this as your cars performance can change with the weather conditions

  4. We keep up to date with our car services, especially on our main car. x

  5. Great tips, we literally bought our latest car even though it's 10 years old on the fact it had low mileage and a full service history.