Top Tips For Your Job Interview

A job interview can be a stressful occasion, so it's always better to prepare yourself before the day to give the best performance you can. 

This post in conjunction with TMI Resourcing will give you hints and tips so you can nail that interview and get the job you really want. 

Dress for the occasion

It's always best to be smartly dressed for the job interview, don't forget you can never make a first impression twice. Even if it's a very informal environment, go for a suit, shirt and tie or smart dress, top and skirt/trouser combination.  It goes without saying that your clothes should be clean, ironed and your personal appearance groomed.

Prepare beforehand

Research the company beforehand, find out about their ethos, what they do, who the company boss is and so on.  Refresh yourself by reading the job description again.  Think about how you fill the job criteria with practical examples. 

Arrive early

Arrive early. If you can go to the place beforehand to find out where it is. If that is not possible, leave yourself plenty of time to get there. If you are late you will be stressed, so get there early. All is not lost if you are late, however, sometimes these things do happen, so take a deep breath and don't forget to apologise for your lateness.

Consider the questions

Think about the possible questions you could be asked beforehand and the answers. Why do you want to work for this company? What skills do you bring to the job?

It's good to have some questions prepared at the end of the interview too, so you are not stumbling for words. What do you want to know about them?

Be confident

Remember they must have liked you to invite you to interview so be confident, maintain eye contact, shake their hand and smile.  Talk confidently and show what you know in a discussion. Talk clearly and be upbeat. Don't forget you are selling yourself, so make the interviewer think that you would be an asset to the company. 


Thank the interview panel, smile and shake their hand. 

Hopefully, with these tips, you will get that job offer, but if you don't, try not to let it get you down, think it's a learning process and that job wasn't right for you. The more practice you have the more likely you will get that job you want. Good luck and I hope this post has been helpful.

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  1. Great tips! Especially arriving early and doing some preparation beforehand :)

  2. This is such a helpful guide - as a freelancer I have more interviews/client chats than normal!

  3. i think arriving early is important, as well as doing your research. You only get one chance at a first impression :)

  4. I used to be so nervous whenever I attended an interview, I wish I had read your post then. It would have done me some good.

    1. Interviews do get less nerve wracking the more you have I think.

  5. I think it's really important to do your research thoroughly as it shows you are genuinely interested in the company.