The Power Of The Greatest Showman

There are some films that you may have watched in your life that I bet you go back to time and time again. They may not be a critics choice, but they make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel that the world is a good place.  

From classic romantic comedies like Bridget Jones Diary, Pretty Woman and anything by Richard Curtis to some of my personal favourites, Elf, Forest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption.  One such movie recently has been taken the world by storm although it has had a lukewarm reception by critics is The Greatest Showman. In fact, even some of the critics that didn't like it at first have been won around, in some part, by its message and appeal. 

The Greatest Showman is loosely based on the story of P.T. Barnum, the circus inventor that some would say 'created showbusiness'. I say loosely based as Barnum, played by the rather handsome Mr Hugh Jackman, champions those of us who are different in the movie, in reality, the slightly darker side of what really happened is glossed over, but this is pure Hollywood escapism, not a documentary or accurate description. So if you are happy to suspend your disbelief, and you like big colourful musicals, I think you will enjoy. 

These are some reasons why it has been so successful.

It has star appeal

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From Hugh Jackman, one of the most underrated actors of his generation to Zac Efron who put all his time and effort into supporting the film and getting it made, the stars are fantastic and feel passionate about the film and it really shows. The film was in development for seven years and the cast supported the director Michael Gracey until finally, it came to screen.  

It has a cracking soundtrack

When the soundtrack was written the two musical writers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul were relatively unknown.  Since then they have become famous for the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen where they picked up a Tony award and last years La La Land where they won best original musical score at the Oscars.

The songs illustrate the story perfectly. The most famous song, all about acceptance, This Is Me, champions the underdog, and accepting people for who they are.  The rest of the soundtrack is equally as catchy and memorable so much so that sing-along shows all around the country have been held in cinemas. 

Did you also know that it held the number 1 spot in the UK music charts for 11 weeks, equalling Adele's 21 album?  It dropped slightly one week and then was back up to number 1 spot with the release of the film on download. So it has been 12 weeks as the number 1 album in the UK which is virtually unheard of today.  

It celebrates diversity 

The film celebrates diversity, a powerful message and one so relevant to life today too. In reality Barnum was a businessman and probably not so nice in real life, however, we, the audience, know it's not an exact representation of his life and we are prepared to overlook it. 

It's pure escapism and uplifting

When there is so much sadness and political turmoil in the world, from the war in Syria to Donald Trump' presidency of the United States and the UK Brexit negotiations, the film is that does of escapism. It also incredibly uplifting and joyful, and who doesn't want some joy in their lives now and again?

It appeals to all ages

Stories of 6-year-olds seeing the film on numerous occasions, to groups of friends going to the sing-a-longs to extended families seeing it all together and with 80-year-old grandparents loving it too, the family-friendly film appeals to people of all ages and surprisingly not just women, men are enjoying it too. I must admit, even my grumpy husband, came out of the film with a smile on his face. 

It makes you feel a range of emotions

It's an emotional film and explores love, both enduring love and new love, friendship and loyalty. Barnum came from a poor background and struggled to make his way in the world. Being 'good enough' is one of the threads throughout the film and will resonate with a modern audience, some who live their lives through social media and have that unobtainable pressure to look and be 'perfect'.

It's visually stunning

Every scene, every frame is visually stunning. From the rooftop scene with Barnum, his daughters and his wife, to the circus scenes. It has this visual colourful cinematic look reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann's' Moulin Rouge.

It will make you want to watch it again

I have yet to find someone who has seen it that didn't like it. If you look at the reviews on Amazon or Itunes you will see a very high number of 5-star reviews, with many people being surprised at how much they enjoyed it. Even those that thought they would hate it. So I would say, if you are not sure, watch it. It's a great feel-good film, it's uplifting, it has great acting, it's moving and it is a feast for the eyes and ears! Highly recommended.

The Greatest Showman [DVD] [2017] is available on DVD from £9.99 on Amazon and £14.99 on Blu Ray. Whilst The Greatest Showman soundtrack is priced at £9.99.  
Have you seen this film, or would you see it? Let me know!

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  1. Ahh! I never got to see it at the cinema but as soon as it came on Sky TV I bought it, downloaded it and watched it. My girls and I love The Greatest Showman. We have watched it at least 20 times in just a few weeks. lol We know all the songs. It really is such a feel good film x

  2. I've yet to watch the film but have heard so many good things. I'll have to get it on DVD now it's out and see what I think.

  3. I love the Greatest Showman! We sing along the soundtrack all of the time, and it is just pure joy. They never claimed it to be a biopic of his life, so everyone just needs to enjoy the music (and eye candy) lol x

  4. I saw it twice in the cinema and absolutely LOVE it. I cannot wait to get it on DVD!

  5. We haven't watched this yet but it's definitely on the list!

  6. oh my gosh I'm still obsessed with the Greatest Showman its brilliant isn't it! x

  7. I would looove to watch this, I'm a huge Hugh Jackman fan! Can't wait for the DVD as can't make it to the cinema these days!

  8. This is one of my favourite films and the soundtrack makes it amazing

  9. I have heard so much about this show but still have not got around to watching it. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. The soundtrack is amazing too.

    Yeah Lifestyle

  10. I think that came out on Sky recently. I wasn't planning on watching it to be honest but now I might watch the first 5 minutes and see if it is something I'll enjoy. I love Elf too!!!!