Creating The Perfect Dressing Room

I think every woman dreams of having their own personal dressing room or walk-in closet. Everyone wishes that they had a man like Mr Big from the Sex and The City franchise - who can forget when he gave Carrie a walk-in closet as a token of his love? 

I must admit that I have been in friends houses and been in awe of their walk-in closets - I know a blogger friend of mine almost bought a flat with one too, it was such a selling point for her. But when it comes to a dressing room just for you, you need certain things to make it perfect. I wish I had my very own - it would certainly make getting ready in the morning a lot more pleasant and who wouldn’t love peace and quiet to get ready at their own pace?

Be practical

You need to make sure that the room itself is practical - have those beautiful decorative items, but also utilise the space wisely.  Consider the style and colour palette of the room - where is it in the house, and what sort of natural light comes into the dressing room. 

Many people have a dressing room or walk-in closet attached to a bedroom so you may not have any windows in the room. Getting a range of lighting, therefore, is a must. You want to make sure you are getting natural light but you also want to ensure that the artificial lighting you have is suitable for the room. You could always consider daylight bulbs, which imitate natural light and are recommended if you are putting on your makeup there.

When it comes to fittings, what are you looking for? When creating the space, are you looking for inbuilt fittings or stand-alone pieces such as one of these full length mirrors? If you are looking for a walk-in closet, inbuilt shelves and cupboards are probably the best ideas whereas a dressing room could work with either inbuilt or freestanding mirrors.

Consider furniture

You’ll definitely need a chair or a bench style piece of furniture such as an ottoman in your dressing room.  Somewhere where you can be seated whilst getting dressed or putting on your makeup. You’ll want somewhere to hide your clothes, accessories and cosmetics away so wardrobes, chest of drawers and shelving is a must. Of course, what is a dressing room without a dressing table? Somewhere to showcase your favourite cosmetics and accessories! Also, a full-length mirror is advisable - this will be your point of call in the room, where you check how everything looks and fits, where you check that your makeup is on point. 

I think that my very own dressing room or walk-in closet is a pipe dream - unless I change my son’s bedroom into one whilst he is away at university but I don’t think that would go down too well….

Would you love your very own dressing room or walk-in closet - or are you, in fact, lucky enough to have one already? If so, I am so jealous!

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  1. Oh gosh, could you imagine how nice it would be to have the space for something like this. I swear we live in a shoebox, but I can daydream! :)

  2. This sounds like a dream, somewhere to put all of my shoes and makeup! It would be so much better than a cramped bedroom :)

  3. I would most certainly love to have my own walk in dressing room.It would make organising my clothes nad shoes so much easier and it would mean I would not have to tiptoe in the dark in the bedroom whilst my partner is sleeping lol. I agree you need a good mirror, chair and also good lighting.

  4. Great tips! We're converting our loft soon and I really want to fit a little dressing room up there!