6 Bedroom Storage Hacks

If your bedroom is a constant mess and you blame the fact that you don’t have enough space for everything, then perhaps you’re in need of some serious bedroom storage hacks, which is where this blog post comes in handy. 

I have teamed up with Happy Beds, the UK’s fastest growing online bed and mattress store, to create some handy tips on how to keep your mess completely organised. 

1. Invest in a storage bed
Storage beds are a great way to hide all of your mess, whilst still keeping it in one place. Rather than shoving everything under your bed and then spending ages taking everything out to find the one thing you’re looking for, ottoman beds help you stay organised and put everything into sections. Having one of these means you can lift up the top of the bed, making everything in the storage compartment easily accessible. 

2. Build shelves
Shelves are a great way to fill up wall space – especially corner shelves. Not only does it mean that you can display your photos or ornaments, but you will be able to make use of the corner of your bedroom when nothing else will fit. 

3. Bed organisers
I get it. You want a bedside table for your phone, a photo frame of a loved one and maybe somewhere to put your TV remotes. However, is this really a necessary piece of furniture? Why not invest in bed organisers? These work by sitting half under the bed and then the rest hanging out with multiple compartments – it does the same job, yet it is a lot more cost-effective and a little less large.

4. Make use of the door
Doors can become pretty handy when you use them in an innovative way. You can buy multiple storage pieces for doors; vertical handbag hangers, jewellery hangers and even shoe racks for the back of the door. These are extremely convenient, especially when space is at a premium, in box bedrooms for example!

5. Fold down desks

For those of you that are studying, or work from home and have a limited space, having a fold-down desk is a great option. Rather than having a clunky bit of furniture in the back of your bedroom, a fold down desk means you can access a desk when you need it, the rest of the time it can be free floor space.

6. Make storage boxes your best friend

Storage boxes are extremely convenient to keep you organised. They can be stored on top of cupboards, underneath beds and furniture and in whatever small spaces you can find. Add labels to these boxes so that you can easily decide which box t
o access, rather than hunting through them all. 

Tell me do you use any storage hacks?

*In collaboration with Happy Beds


  1. I have an ottoman bed and it’s amazing how much it holds. I also love storage boxes.

  2. I'd never heard of bed organisers but they sound like a dream! Thanks for this!

  3. I use storage boxes the pretty fabric ones that hold a few bits and pieces, but I need to get one of these beds there look great to store stuff in 😊

  4. Shelves all the way! I prefer using them to cupboards and draws because I can see what I have. It means I can hide less stuff away and end up with tons I don't use.

  5. My bedroom is a total mess - I need ALL these! Great ideas, thank you. Kaz

  6. I love my ottoman bed, although do find it a bit on the heavy side

  7. I wish I could organise my chests of drawers so they weren't spilling over and full of stuff I don't use. Everytime I open them to try and sort, I take one look and run away! Underbed storage sounds like my best option x

  8. Great tips! I need a bed like this with storage underneath, it looks so much tidier than shoving everything under the bed!

  9. I didn’t know things like bed organisers exist but it’s a clever concept and it makes a lot of sense for bedrooms with lack of space like mine for example.