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Tips To Enjoy A Luxury Life On A Budget

We all like a bit of luxury don't we? But sometimes we just don't have the cash to pay for that lifestyle. Well, do as I do and enjoy a luxury lifestyle on a budget by following these simple tips.

Save what you want to spend when you want 

Don't buy that CD, DVD, book or latest phone. Instead consider subscribing to a download site for your music and films, or even join the library! Make do with a phone that's not so up-to-date. Instead, save money in one area to splurge on your guilty pleasure, be that clothes, travel, dining out in expensive restaurants, or luxury cars.

Loyalty pays

There are many loyalty schemes that can help you save money. If you are a fan of Virgin Atlantic or British Airways, both companies have credit cards which will give you air miles towards reduced and free flights. We've managed to use our Virgin Airmiles to upgrade our flights to upper class twice now and it's certainly the way to travel in style, and who can say no to complimentary champagne! Sites such as and Expedia have loyalty schemes which can give you a free hotel stay and if you are a beauty lover, Boots, Superdrug and Debenhams have loyalty cards, where you can earn points on money spent to go towards free products.

Pick dates wisely

When choosing your next holiday pick your dates wisely. Go off season, late or super early to make the most of your budget. Popular weekend break destinations are often cheaper midweek too. We stayed at the 5 star Venetian hotel in Vegas mid-week in July and got a room for little over £100. When there is a boxing match on, at a weekend, it can easily be three times that mutch.

Tour in style

When you get to a large city, if there is a few of you, consider a chauffeured tour. There is nothing like being shown around a city in a Mercedes S class, and when you split the cost of it between four of you, it can be a surprisingly cost-effective.  When you consider the alternative of the cost of taxis and tour guides I know what I would rather do!

Sign up for housesitting

It's a way to travel the world with free accommodation in exchange for looking after someones home and pets. There are a number of sites that allow you to join for a small fee. We recently signed up to Trusted Housesitters, which is one of the biggest sites worldwide, and had a fabulous time house sitting in the Cotswolds in an amazing grade 1 listed house. If you sign up with my link you get 20% off your membership price and I get two months free. Bargain!

Luxury dining at bargain prices

If you enjoy eating out at top-notch restaurants, there are ways to do it cheaply. Sites such Open Table have 50% off deals and you will be surprised how many restaurants in the Michelin guide are on Groupon. Lunchtime offers are often cheaper at expensive restaurants too, we went to a Michelin star restaurant in New York at lunchtime and saved a fortune. 

Don't make a fashion faux-pas

Rather than spend all your money on the latest designer goods, a simple idea is to buy last seasons items in the sale. If you sign up to sites such as Secret Sales you will get flash sales to your inbox too, and Girl Meets Dress allows you to hire designer dresses rather than buy. Perfect for a day at the races, a wedding, prom or graduation.  If you are visiting an affluent area I also think it's worth visiting the local charity shop or thrift store, you will be surprised at the designer tags that you can find if you have a good browse.

So here are my tips on how to have a luxury lifestyle on a budget. Do you have any tips?

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  1. I do love loyalty schemes and budgeting where I can - I cannot even recall the last time I bought a CD, they seem so redundant these days. I've had to cut back a lot over the years but it means we can fully enjoy our treats! Sim x

  2. Great tips and that's an amazing price for the Venetian hotel! I need to be better at being loyal to an airline and building up points.

  3. I do like to download apps of where I am visiting as often they offer a discount or something free. Great tips

  4. I think house keeping is such an interesting idea, I love the idea of taking care of someones home for them and getting to explore a new place.

  5. I think is some very good sites as you say to save money and download music, I do it and can save some good money this way.

  6. Those are great tips! You don't have to spend too much to enjoy life's pleasures. You can simply be smart about the way you buy or plan things!

  7. I am massively with you when it comes to off season bookings. We stayed in a 5 star luxury hotel in Venice during the first week of November and it was about a third of the price compared to the same time in the summer x

  8. Amazing tips!! I love life's luxuries but we are always on a limited budget. Now I think we can have a little more for our money!

  9. I wouldn't call me luxurious but I do know how to budget and spend my money wisely. My mom was an amazing teacher when it comes to finances. I think these are awesome tips!

  10. We all love to save some money and these are all fabulous tips on how we area able to do just that and enjoy a fabulous life without breaking the bank.

  11. Ooh I will have to explore Open Table - sounds like a great way to save on eating out when traveling

  12. I agree that choosing the right dates to go on holiday can be the difference between blowing all your life savings and staying in a nice place for a bargain price. And who doesn't love loyalty shemes?

  13. I would definitely agree on going to places off peak season. You will save a lot while enjoying the same place.

  14. I love these tips, they’ll come in handy for so many people which is great .. who doesn’t love spending little money for a lot reward ..?

  15. I love loyalty schemes - in fact I'm a sucker for them if I know I'm going to use them. But even the small purchases add up in the long run. We're a bit stuck when it comes to picking dates for a holiday as we have to travel during the school holidays but by saving money elsewhere we've managed to get a holiday in August last year and a holiday for this August too. :)

  16. Perfect tips on living that high life but cheaply. I often book restaurants via Open Table to save money!


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