Saving Money With Your Household Bills

Running a home can be a pretty expensive business, especially when you have a family to feed, electrical devices on the go and your heating on full in the evenings. The idea of running your home more economically may seem completely impossible, but luckily you would be wrong. Here are some ways to cut your household bills, saving you money so you can spend on those little luxuries that are important to you. 

TV and Broadband

Two of the essential services which every modern family buys when they move into a new home is TV and broadband services.  Often you will be able to get yourself a bundle deal on TV, phone and broadband by the same company, and often unlimited broadband come bundled with these deals. If you want to get the best possible deal on your broadband, make sure to check comparison sites and then also check for bundles. Bundles are almost always cheaper than buying everything separately and can be a lot less stressful to organise


If you think you are spending a lot of money on your lighting at home, take some action and switch to energy efficient bulbs. There are plenty of brilliant energy saving bulbs on the market which will save you a ton of money and last longer too than your old-fashioned light bulbs.


Electricity is the number one priority when you move into a new home, and it will likely be one of your biggest costs. With everyone owning a mobile phone, tablet and computer these days, as well as TV and all your appliances, you stand to use a lot of electricity.  When you move into your new home, think about switching energy suppliers. The easiest thing you can do is compare the prices online. Most energy companies will have incentives to join as a new customer and then you can reap the cost benefits.

Baths and showers

Water is not a cheap commodity to have at home, and you will find that when you have a large family you go through water very quickly. To reduce the amount of water you use every day, try and keep the baths to a minimum, showers are far more economical. When you step into the shower it might be tempting to spend an hour contemplating life, but realistically you should only be spending 10 minutes or so inside. By reducing the time you spend in the shower, you reduce the water you use and therefore your energy bills. You could also try a water meter if there are only a couple of you in the household, as it could be a cost-effective way of paying for your water.

The phone

When you move into a new home it might seem like you have to buy yourself a landline phone, but why? In this day and age, if anyone wants to contact you by phone they can simply call your mobile. Don’t feel as if you are forced to install a phone connection in your home because it simply isn’t necessary. Save yourself the money and the hassle of having cold calls come through to your home phone every day by not having a landline. 

On the topic of our mobile phones, it is always worth shopping around to see if you can grab a better deal on your plan. Try Money Saving Pro's calculator to see how much you could save by switching.

Tell me do you have any tips on saving home costs?

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  1. We've just had a smart meter installed. I've become a little obsessed with watching how much we are spending each day

    1. That's interesting. Let me know how you get on with it.

  2. Now, this is some very good advice