Car Maintenance Do's And Don'ts To Save You Money

Car maintenance needn't be difficult. There are some things that are easy to do and some things you shouldn't do, but did you know you can save money by doing simple tasks yourself? Here is my guide to saving big with easy car maintenance tips

Do check


It's important to check your tyres on a regular basis. Look out for damage to the tyres, wear and tear and tread. The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. As well as potentially being fined for having tyres under the legal limit and receiving 3 penalty points on your licence you put your life at risk if your tyres are bald. So buy a tyre gauge and every two weeks check your tyres and replace if need be. You can buy tyres online at sites like Iverson Tyres Ltd and have them delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks so there is no excuse not to have good quality tyres on your car. 


Check the oil every two weeks. It's simple to do, just make sure your car engine is cold and your car is on a level surface.  If your car has a dipstick check out a reputable YouTube channel for a guide on how to measure the oil. If the car is newer it will have an electronic oil measure which makes it easier for you and will warn you if the level is low. Your car handbook should tell you the oil you need, and it's fairly easy to top it up yourself, so this is a good way to save money rather than having a garage do it for you.


Check all your lights and indicators once a week to ensure that the bulbs are not blown, that the lights are not dirty or have cracks. If they do have damage replace them. If you have old, foggy lights that are discoloured then you can restore your headlights yourself. These are easy to do yourself and there are kits available to save time, cost and hassle. A headlight restoration kit can be a cost-effective purchase and your lights will be back to normal in no time. No tools or additional products are needed, just apply and your headlights will shine brightly again.

Windscreen wipers

Being able to see clearly through your windscreen is important for safe driving. The RAC says that 20% of accidents are caused by poor visibility so check your wipers every couple of weeks and replace your windscreen wipers once a year or if damaged.  It isn't hard to do. Remember extremes of temperature can make them deteriorate quicker too. 

Don't ignore

Ignore any warning lights

They are there for a reason, to alert you to potential problems so don't ignore warning lights. If they do come on, check your car handbook for what they mean to see if you can resolve the issue. If unsure always take your car to a garage to check it out for you. 

Forget breakdown cover

Companies like the AA, RAC and Green Flag offer yearly breakdown cover, and in my opinion, it's well worth the cost for peace of mind, especially if you are not knowledgeable about cars. Spending money on coverage here can save you money in the long run if you break down.

Forget service and MOT dates

The MOT checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards and cars need an MOT after the third anniversary of its registration, and thereafter every year. MOT's can be carried out up to one month before the due date, so even if you are on holiday there is no excuse not to get your MOT completed. Make a note of the date in your diary and also note service dates.

So here are some car maintenance do's and don'ts to save you money. I hope you find them helpful. Do you have any tips for my readers?

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  1. Don't let your breakdown cover lapse,......we did and learned our lesson the hard way

  2. Some good tips there. Definitely seconding not letting your breakdown cover lapsing as mentioned above!

  3. I keep meaning to check the oil on my car but never quite get around to it. I think car maintenance is definitely something you need to practise regularly! And no, I still can't change a tyre. Shameful, isn't it?

  4. Tyre maintenance is so important. My wife keeps telling me off for checking the tyres. Without them, we can't go anywhere and we get a big fines if we don't look after them.

    Great post and thanks for sharing

    John M

  5. Perfect tips for car owners, I don’t drive but I can the importance of good car health. No one wants to break down and be stuck for hours!

  6. This is one I have to share with the hubby as I leave the car maintenance to him. Great post

  7. You are so right about it, great article!

  8. These are such key points - I'm actually taking my car in this week to be serviced and looked at as the engine warning light is coming on. I also recently checked the oil and it was low and the tyres need replacing - all comes at once but really important to keep on top of

    Laura x

  9. I've been going back and forth the car repair shop lately and I definitely would love to save more money on that. I think these tips are so helpful, thanks!

  10. We are the worst for checking the oil in the car! Although the car is very old and we are currently saving for a new one.... And when I say old I mean, our car is from 1993 ha!