5 Top Accessories To Complete A Look

It is hard staying at the height of fashion, as I’m sure we all know. What was ‘the look’ last year is now lying at the back of the wardrobe feeling sorry for itself. Fashion moves faster than Usain Bolt, so we all need a little bit of help keeping up with the pace from time to time.

And it is not just the clothes that dictate how good we look; accessories have a huge part to play as well. For a long time, accessories have been seen as something that women pay more attention to than men do but times are changing. With retailers now offering a much better selection of accessories than ever before, more men and women than ever are feeling inspired to use accessories to complete their look.

Here are my top 5 accessories to complete a look:


Having the right earrings to finish off a look is crucial. Take a look at Vogue’s gallery of jewellery trends for 2017-2018, which include ‘inspired upcycling’, ‘magnificent monograms’, ‘Party girls’ chandelier style earrings and even ‘Punk culture’.  I do love chandelier earrings so I will be looking to update my wardrobe with a new pair this Winter.


A nice bracelet can perfectly set off an outfit for both men and women. I know I love my simple silver nugget bracelet and also my personalised charm bead bracelet. 

Men’s designer bracelets are becoming very popular, with leather bands, stainless steel, silver and gold bracelets becoming more popular than ever.  With a choice of materials, there is a look for most of us out there.

Designer watch

A watch says a lot about a person, so if you are looking for something that will make you look distinguished and sophisticated, a designer watch will send out all of the right messages. 

If you want to convey that you are highly current and are up-to-date with the latest technology, you may want to invest in a smartwatch. You can pick all kinds of designs from expensive designer smartwatches to the more durable sporty ones. If you want to say ‘I look after myself and exercise regularly’ then a sports style smartwatch with all of the sports related data features is a good choice.


At this time of year, a scarf is a multipurpose accessory. As well as keeping you warmer and protecting your skin from the cold, a well-selected scarf can transform your look without much expense. If you want to look that bit more sophisticated on your commute into work or you want to convey a professional, mature image as you get into work, your scarf can help to achieve that look perfectly.


Another item that will help keep you warm this winter is a stylish hat. A hat can be great for keeping long hair under control when it gets windy. It will also help you to reduce the amount of body heat that leaves the body through the head. 

For men, there are some very fashionable beanies in the stores at the moment, including North Face and Superdry. Beanies are also a popular choice for women and can help you to look super stylish whilst having practical benefits as well! 

Bobble hats are an all time favourite and will probably stay that way. There is nothing worse than getting cold ears so buy yourself a nice hat for the winter to complete your look.

Whether you are looking for a change of image or you simply want to be fashionably warm, use the change in season to up your accessories game. Your choice of accessories can really make you look in fashion, so choose your accessories wisely and have fun updating your look.


  1. I aways find that a nice bold lipstick can instantly lift a look and change it from a day/work outfit to a night out look.

  2. I am a definite scarf person and whilst I don't wear a watch, I do want one x

    1. I'm more of a jewellery person myself, surprise surprise :)