Want That Must Have Gadget This Christmas? Try The Extreme Beast RC Car

Getting a cool gift as a present for that gadget lover in your family can be difficult. Maybe it's an older child and they've written you a Christmas list or given you some heavy hints.  Perhaps they've asked for that must-have console game, a new smartphone, or that must-have brand of clothing. But you want to give them a surprise.  Maybe it's your partner and they just love playing with gadgets and they're a child at heart.

So to stop you wracking your brains, I have the ideal present here, something that's fun, something that the whole family can enjoy too, and the perfect surprise gift - a remote control car. However, this is not any remote control car, it's an EXTREME BEAST RC car from Hawkin's Bazaar.

The Extreme BEAST RC car looks the business. Firstly it has big sturdy wheels, then it has a bumper of great stickers, and it comes in some bright colours.

Just by looking at it you know it will be fun to drive!

It goes off-road like a dream, due to its spring suspension, and huge sporting TPE tyres. The tyres are pretty good, and the car will go over grass, rocks and through light puddles. Perfect for racing around on most terrain.

Using the controller which has a pistol grip, this proportional speed control is so easy to use and the grip has a quick response so that novice drivers can learn to control the car in no time.

Battery charge is good, it has a 7.4V, 750mAH battery pack and it charges from flat in about an hour. Very good for an RC car.

They say that this car has increased protection from signal interference. What that means is that it can run alongside up to 16 other RC vehicles so if you want a 'car off' - a race with other RC enthusiasts, then there should be no problems encountered.

Manufactured by Maisto Toys, a specialist in die-cast collectables and radio control vehicles, the car is of good quality for the price and a cool design.

The Extreme BEAST RC car, is great fun, performs well off-road and is a bargain on sale at £39.99. 

I think this is a remote control car that all the family will love and a car that is great for gadget lovers and speed freaks everywhere this Christmas. It's the sort of car that mums, dads, granddads and grans can have fun with, on Christmas morning, showing the little ones how it works.  Just be sure to get it back from them, eh kids?! It's not too expensive either. Check out the video below to see how it performs.

If you are looking for that surprise gift, I have just two words to say "Buy it!".

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  1. My brother would absolutely love one of these! Racing remote control cars is something that brings together the youngest and oldest members of the family, it's such a fun activity that anyone can enjoy! Glad you rated this car so highly!

    Abbey 🎅🏻

    1. It really does Abbey. I remember racing cars with my dad when I was young.

  2. Ha, this looks like so much fun! I used to go to a radio car club after school with my brothers. Wish we had this in the 90s!

    Katie xoxo

  3. I love RC cars and this one looks like LOADS of fun!!

  4. What a great gift idea! I bet this is loads of fun to play with.

  5. Oh my son would adore that - think I'd enjoy playing with it too!

  6. This is something my younger bro would absolutely love! Fab idea for a Christmas gift.

  7. Oh my! My son will surely love this toy! Thanks for sharing this. I will make to buy this for his Christmas gift.

  8. One of our girls loves remote control cars and asked for one for Christmas. This is definitely one that she'd love!