All About Diamonds - From Mine To Mine

Diamonds are beautiful precious stones but have you ever wondered about how diamonds are created, where diamonds are found and how diamonds are mined? Have you ever wondered about how diamonds are cut, polished and set and what diamond cut is ideal? 

Recently I visit the Antwerp World Diamond Centre in Belgium and explored the origin of these stones. The story of how these precious stones were created, more than 100 million years ago, 200 kilometres under the earth's surface, and at intense pressure, is truly fascinating. Over 80% of these diamonds then go through Antwerp either as rough stones or as polished stones to be set in exquisite items of jewellery.  I didn't realise the importance of Antwerp as a diamond centre before my visit and it was intriguing to find out this information.

I also found out from the infographic below that diamonds are found everywhere from Angola to Botswana, Canada to South Africa, but the biggest diamond mine is in Russia. Not a lot of people know that.  This special Russia diamond mine called the Jubilee, contains over 153 million carats of diamond!

To find out more about diamonds, check out this Infographic below 'From Mine to Mine', and watch out for my posts about 'Antwerp - the city of diamonds', soon. 

Provided by Diamonds Factory

Do you own any diamonds? Are there any facts that surprise you about diamonds from the infographic?


  1. Wow this was so interesting! I had no idea about most of this stuff, 28 days to grow a diamond is amazing!

  2. What an insightful post! Love that you actually went to Antwerp to learn about diamonds too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN

  3. Wow! So much information. Love every bit of this post, thanks for sharing.

  4. This is really interesting to read and I love the infographics!

  5. Well I never knew they weren't made of coal! Nice to know I'm wearing something older than me for a change!

  6. I wish I owned even just one diamond but I still liked reading the infographic. I didnt know Russia had the biggest mine

    1. I didn't either until I started to research this article.

  7. Never really looked into the history of diamond mining before, but that infographic was just insightful!