Top Alternative Cities To Incentivise And Inspire

Incentive travel can be a great way to boost energy levels and inspire new ideas, whether you head up a company and want to motivate your team, or you work for yourself and just need that push to work harder. And visiting the world’s greatest cities can do just that.

When it comes to deciding which ones to visit, there are those obvious cities that stand out – the fun and culture of London, the inspiring beauty of Paris, and the high energy of New York. But there are many others that get forgotten about and have just as much to offer.

From swapping the Big Smoke for Berlin to switching the Big Apple for Chicago, UK incentives company Corporate Rewards looks at some alternative cities to incentivise and inspire.

Swapping London for Berlin

England’s very own capital is a city that’s brimming full of fun, fashion and culture, with its thriving nightlife, landmark shopping and world-class museums. But, unknown to many, Germany’s capital city has all London has to offer in abundance. Berlin has been referred to as the coolest place on the planet and has even been voted the most fun city in the world. From its grand opera houses to its cutting-edge fashions and a nightlight that arguably makes it the best clubbing city in Europe, this impressive city boasts extremes in inspiring culture and motivational fun.

You or your team could take a stroll to the striking monument that’s the Brandenburg Gate. You could visit Museum Island and enjoy the exhibitions of its five inspiring museums, covering everything from Islamic art to Egyptian history. Or you could take a thought-provoking walk alongside the remains of the Berlin Wall and visit Checkpoint Charlie. In the evening, why not eat out at one of the city’s many high-end restaurants, followed by a night out experiencing the vibrant beats of Berlin’s many stylish nightclubs and bars.

Switching Paris for Prague

When you think of the world’s most beautiful cities, Paris will probably be on your list. With its historical buildings, gothic architecture and striking landmarks, like Notre-Dame and the Arc De Triomphe, with the stunning river Seine weaving throughout, there is much to admire that brings beauty to the French capital. However, known as the city of a hundred spires, with its baroque building, gothic churches and serene Vltava River, the Czech Republic’s historic capital of Prague is another world-beating city of beauty.

You could take a walk across the magnificent Chares Bridge and admire the waters of the Vltava, or take a boat ride down the river to enjoy the views of this awe-inspiring city. Why not also take in the city’s views from the Petrin Lookout Tower – Prague’s answer (albeit smaller) to Paris’s Eiffel Tower. You or your staff could stroll through the quaint Old Town Square to see its famous Astronomical Clock, or visit Prague Castle and the majestic St Vitus Cathedral. You could end an inspiring day by experiencing a night of classical ballet and music at one of the city’s beautiful opera houses or concert halls.

Exchanging Amsterdam for Bruges

Netherlands’ capital city, Amsterdam, is known for its canals, canal houses and picturesque buildings. But Bruges, the capital of West Flanders in Northwest Belgium, can be a great European alternative, offering a landscape of canals and picture-postcard architecture, with plenty to see, do and experience. While on a smaller scale and quieter than the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, Bruges still provides those rewarding waterside walks, old and beautiful canal houses, cobbled streets and inspiring gingerbread-style architecture. 

You could travel Bruges by water and take a canal trip to explore the nooks and crannies of the city, admiring its picturesque old bridges and buildings. Or you could climb to the top of the Belfry in the Market Square and take in the panoramic views of this pretty Belgium city. Why not also visit one of Bruges’s many picturesque castles – there’s more here per square inch than anywhere else in the world. And it would be rude to visit without enjoying some Belgium chocolate from one of the city’s many mouth-watering chocolate shops.

Trading New York for Chicago

When it comes to thriving US cities to visit, New York probably immediately springs mind. But overlooking the epic waters of Lake Michigan, there’s another American metropolis that has just as much bite at The Big Apple. From its striking skyline, impressive skyscrapers, bold architecture and city parks, to its food, museums and shopping destinations, Chicago is one of the US’s largest cities with so much to offer to motivate and inspire.

Forget New York’s Empire State Building, Central Park, and 5th Avenue, the city of Chicago has much to rival these landmark attractions. You could experience the heights and views of the Willis Tower – once the tallest building in the world. Or you could visit the 24-plus acre Millennium Park and admire its inspiring structures and surrounding city architecture. Why not also treat you or your team to a spot of motivational shopping on Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile, where you could pick up a new outfit for the office. And, afterwards, enjoy some of Chicago’s most famous cuisine at one its many pizza restaurants. Who knows, it could be just the energy boost you need before you return to work more motivated and inspired than ever before. 

Have you been to Berlin, Prague, Bruges or Chicago?

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  1. Literally every single city you have mentioned here, I really want to go to. My boyfriend and I have already been looking at a trip to Prague in November but we're not sure whether it would be too cold!

  2. I've been to Berlin before and I'm actually going to Prague next week which I can't wait for x

  3. I have never been to any of the above cities before. However I do find that once I have visited somewhere new I end up with a spark of creativity.

  4. I've wanted to go to Chicago for years... I've been all up the western coast, but never anywhere else... Chicago would definitely be one of my first choices in the States.

  5. I have been to Paris a few times, but would love to visit more cities like Amsterdam!

  6. Hubby is desperate to visit Berlin and I am keen to visit Paris :)

  7. I haven't been to either of these places sadly, but hopefully I'll be off to Amsterdam in November

  8. I want to go to every city you've named. All of them! Especially Prague! xo

  9. Bruges looks so cute; how have I not been yet haha?! Love the list and the idea of alternative cities :)