Wednesday, 16 August 2017

7 Summer Driving Hazards And How To AvoId Them

This Summer many of us will be travelling on the roads on our way to a fabulous holiday destination but there are many Summer hazards that we need to account for, to ensure we get there safely and on time.


Your car is at risk of overheating during the summer, most likely due to low coolant or water in the radiator. On the first sign of overheating, be sure to turn off your air conditioning and wind down your windows. If you think your vehicle is going to overheat, pull safely over, turn off the engine and call a breakdown service. They may be able to temporary fix it but always take the car to your local garage as soon as possible to sort out the problem. It's likely you have a radiator leak.


You should always check your tyre pressure regularly and especially in the Summer.  If you have an increased load, for example, if your car is full of passengers and luggage, then you will need to increase your tyre pressure. Refer to your car handbook for advice. Be sure to also check tyre pressures on trailers and caravans too. 

If your tyres are at the wrong pressure or they are damaged then you have an increased risk of tyre blow outs.  Make sure to replace worn or damaged tyres to be safe. You can find cheap tyres at companies like Point S.


If you see a horse on the road, do not sound your horn as that may scare them, instead, slow right down and be ready to stop if need be. Give them plenty of space if overtaking and do it slowly. For more advice read this article by the British horse society


Spring, Summer and Autumn are busy times for tractors on the roads.  Tractor drivers may have a sound proof cabin so may not be able to hear oncoming cars.  Always keep your distance from a tractor, and give them plenty of space on the roads. If they pull in to let you overtake be aware of oncoming traffic and make sure you have plenty of space to overtake.

Cyclists and motorcycles

With better weather, you will see an increase in cyclists and motorcyclists on the road. Look carefully for cyclists or motorbikes when pulling out of a junction and be aware of your car's blind spots, and leave plenty of space when overtaking.


There always seems an increase in construction during the Summer holidays. Before you go on a journey somewhere you haven't been before get up to date traffic information to plan your journey. You may be able to avoid road works altogether if you plan a different route.

Take notice of temporary road signs and be aware of extra debris around construction zones and reduce your speed accordingly.

Changes in weather conditions

With our British weather, we get a range of different weather conditions in the Summer. Sun glare can be hazardous so always be sure to have good quality sunglasses in the car at any time. 

Also be aware of flash flooding which can happen quickly and the possibility of hydroplaning.This occurs when a layer of water builds between the wheels of the vehicle and the road surface, leading to a loss of traction.  For how to stop hydroplaning check out this link here.

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  1. One thing this summer has plagued us with is an increase in road works and many cyclists as the weather was definitely improved of late. These are awesome tips, I need to check my tires

    1. There always seems to be lots of road works in the Summer doesn't there?

  2. Brilliant tips for driving in summer. My husband is a road cyclist and so I've always given cyclists SO much room - they often show their appreciation with a wave too.

    1. It's so easy to not see them so i am always super observant on country roads especially in the Summer.

  3. As soon as the kids break up for school I swear all the road maintenance starts, there's so much going on around my at the moment x

  4. Just yesterday I was on a 30 minute drive and came across three temp lights due to construction, it was a nightmare! xo

    1. There always seem to be a lot of construction around over the bank holidays in the Summer.

  5. I've never learnt to drive so I wouldn't have tophe first clue but I know the husband checks the car before journeys. We travel a lot on the M1 and it's a nightmare for roadworks at the moment.

  6. I always hated driving during the school holidays, there was always bigger queues, took longer to get anywhere and never a parking spot to be found!

  7. Good reminder. I can't believe the summer went by so fast already

  8. I am a new driver so these are things I will need to bare in mind, thanks for the tips!

  9. These are great tips. There are such different hazards in summer to other months. We live near a few different stables so I got used to horses in the road as soon as I started driving.

  10. Roadworks! They're blooming everywhere at the moment. I've started to check all of my routes whenever I go anywhere now.


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