Le Bistrot Pierre Restaurant Review Mumbles Swansea

Le Bistrot Pierre is a French restaurant chain, with 23 branches across the UK, cooking classic French food in a bistro style. I've been to their branch in Cardiff, located on Caroline Street, and must admit I've become a big fan of the seamless French cuisine and the super lunch prices. They have recently opened a branch in Mumbles Swansea, so I was delighted to be offered the chance to review a meal there. 

Mumbles is a lovely area on the Welsh coast which has something for all the family. Kids can enjoy the amusements and the Lifeboat station on Mumbles pier, as well as the lovely beaches, whilst the grown-ups can browse the many clothes and craft shops. Oystermouth castle is also worth a visit if you are into history and stands proudly on top of Castle Avenue in the centre of the town.

Le Bistrot Pierre is positioned in an ideal location, right on the seafront, a short 
walk from the main shopping street.

Although we were early, we were warmly welcomed and taken to our table. There was a small area outside and the view was amazing. What a lovely spot to have a glass of wine and eat good food!

Our waitress Liv came over and gave us a menu. The lunch menu has main courses for £9.95, two courses for £11.95 and three courses for £13.95. 

There was a reasonable selection of wine, many by the glass, but as Mr W was driving and I don't drink at lunchtime we ordered an elderflower presse for me and a coke for Mr W.  Then we browsed the menu. 

Appetisers ranged from olives marinées - mixed marinated Provençal olives to saucisson - thin slices of French ‘Label Rouge’ saucisson from the Beaujolais region, with cornichons and French bread.  

I've noticed from my previous visits that fresh French bread is brought with every main course so we skipped the appetisers. What I love about this bread is the fact it is super soft on the inside and crusty on the outside, unlike the bread I've had in France which is often dry.

Mr W likes a good starter so he plumped for the salad of Roquefort, whilst I decided to skip a starter, to keep room for dessert. 

We then had to decide on the main course. Would it be the Boeuf Braise, a slow braised beef dish with green peppercorn and brandy sauce, or Poulet Printanier, chicken breast cooked with asparagus, wild mushrooms, peas and truffle oil? It was so hard to choose. 

In the end, I went for one of the daily specials, pork medallions in a mustard and apple sauce whilst Mr W went for the slow cooked pork in a Bearnaise sauce. To accompany the dish we had a choice of fries, roast potatoes and vegetables or salad. Mr W had the fries whilst I had the roast potatoes and veg.

Endive and watercress Roquefort salad

It wasn't long before Mr W's starter arrived. A Roquefort salad with endive and watercress in a light dressing. Now Roquefort is not to everyone's taste, as it is strongly flavoured, but the combination of salad leaves with the light slightly sweet dressing was just right.  If you are not a fan of blue cheese I would, however, pick something more to your taste as the cheese does come through strongly.

Pork medallions in a mustard and apple sauce

Then onto the main courses. The pork medallions were served in a creamy mustard sauce with apple slices and topped with little pieces of crackling. The sauce was rich and tasty, the mustard wasn't overpowering and the apples added sweetness to the dish. I liked the added crunch of the crackling too. A very well cooked and delicious dish. 

Slow cooked pork in a Bearnaise sauce 

Mr W's pork was slow cooked and presented in a Bearnaise sauce. A Bearnaise sauce is a French classic, made with butter, eggs yolks, white wine vinegar, shallots, peppercorns and reduced down so it's coats the meat or fish it is served with. The combination of pork, so tender and falling apart and the creamy sauce was utterly delicious.  

A selection of potatoes

More roast potatoes

Accompanying the mains we had fries (or pomme frites as they say in France) and potatoes and vegetables. The potatoes were roasted with herbs and the vegetables were coated in butter. Fries were thin, crispy, and just about perfect.

At this point, I was almost too full for dessert, but when I saw the dessert menu I just had to change my mind. An expertly selected choice of desserts included creme brulee, chocolate mousse, and pear frangipane really tempted me. The latter was described as warm baked pear and almond frangipane with vanilla creme fraiche and toasted almonds. I just had to have it!

Pear and almond frangipane

The description, however, doesn't relay what a fabulous dessert it really was. Warm and soft, the sponge light as a feather, with berries nestling inside and the creme fraiche that was poured over was creamy yet not overly sweet. The toasted almonds and pistachios added another texture that contrasted with the soft and yielding inner.  Perfection!

We really enjoyed our meal at Le Bistrot Pierre in Swansea. Liv our waitress was very personable and attentive and the food was excellent, especially considering the price. The two-course lunch with drinks would have been under £30 if we paid. A La Carte dishes are well priced but there are some bargains to be had with the set lunch, pre-theatre menu and children's set menus priced at £6.50 which included a main and dessert as well as an activity pack. With the kid's menu including a mini burger, macaroni cheese and roast chicken amongst other choices there is something for every fussy little darling!

The setting is also excellent being right on the seafront with a great view of Swansea Bay.

If you do find you like this restaurant chain, I highly recommend you download their app. Every time you have a meal they swipe your QR code on the app and this means you get points towards a free appetiser, main course or dessert. Recently I have been offered a carafe of wine for free as a special reward with the app too. Who can complain about free food and wine?

If you are ever in Mumbles or if you ever see the branch on your high street, Le Bistrot Pierre is certainly worth checking out. A chain restaurant with food the quality of a small independent and with reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

Le Bistrot Pierre
Oyster Wharf,
3 Mumbles Rd,
The Mumbles,
01792 365040


  1. Looks amazing
    The food Devine
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    1. They have a range of restaurants around the country Margaret, so worth checking out if you like the look of the food

  2. This looks like such a gorgeous restaurant! Definitely one that I'm bookmarking for the future

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    Laura x

    1. That is an excellent view, isn't it! We like the Cardiff branch in the city centre but the location of this one is wonderful.

  10. I've been to the one in Cardiff a few times but this looks much better. The setting is lovely and I adore the terrace area x