Smart Ideas: Make A Note Board In Your Kitchen

Running a family home can be overwhelming and chaotic at times. Everyone has their own schedule. What do you do with all the subscriptions, bills, WIFI passwords, club memberships, Spotify memberships, phone contracts, family photos, calendar dates etc? Simple. A large note board in your kitchen is the perfect solution. It will completely change the way your family keeps up with each other.

What is a Note Board?

memo board by Pins and Ribbons

There are many ways to set up a note board, also called a bulletin board or memo board but it's basically a large board in your kitchen where you can keep all of your family's important information in one place. That can be lists, notes from the school, calendars, and important documents that you need. 

Drawing pins allow you to hang all this paperwork, so it is visually displayed where everyone can see them and grab them if they're needed. The purpose of the note board is to keep the entire family on schedule and so nothing gets lost and important appointments aren't missed.

How to Build a Note Board

The first thing to consider is to choose one that's large enough to accommodate everything you want to hang on it. One of the most popular ways to make a note board is to cover a large cork board with fabric. This makes it easy to use push pins as they will go into and come out of the cork material with ease. You can also add ribbons in a criss-cross pattern, which you can then slide important papers behind to hold them in place. A simple fabric covered board is easy to do, but don't be afraid to embellish yours with fun paint colours, cut-outs or items like buttons or beads that will give it life and personality. Anything that encourages your family to use the note board is perfect. 

Once you have the board sorted, all you need is a load of drawing pins so that you can start pinning all your important documents, calendars and photos to it and your all set. Of course, if you are rushed for time, you can always buy a note board for a reasonable price.

Benefits Of Using A Note Board

Once you start using a note board in your kitchen, it will be easy to see why it's handy. The most important benefit is that everyone who lives in your house will know where to look for papers or events they need to know about. It may take a bit of effort to get everyone to use the board, but once it's a regular part of life, it will be so convenient. With everyone coming and going all the time, your note board is a great place to stick papers or documents you need someone to sign or read. A calendar on your notes board allows everyone in the family to know where everyone else is at any given time.

Using a note board is something your entire family will appreciate and it's super easy to make a board in under an hour. Make sure that you hang your board in a place where anyone can get to so that each person in your home is able to make it work. Staying connected and organised has never been so easy.

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  1. This is a great idea and it looks wonderful.

  2. I've always wanted to build my own note board! I think they look fantastic and I love when they are filled with snapshots of peoples lives, thanks for sharing!


  3. Love this nifty little DIY! And the photo makes it look really nice indeed!

    Oliver x

  4. Great idea to get rid of the messy paper clutter I'm guilty of having on my worktop. It looks good too! x

  5. I think a note board is a great idea as i often forget things and that makes a great reminder