Make Up Tips For Glasses Wearers

I've worn glasses since I was 7 and I have worn makeup since I was 14 every day since. I now have glasses and contact lenses and my makeup differs for both.  Here are my tips for those people who never feel as good in their glasses as they do in their contact lenses from, I hope you like the post.

Make Up Tips for Glasses Wearers

Your make up will differ if you are long sighted or short-sighted, there isn't one look for people who wear glasses. 

Short sighted make up tips

If you are short sighted and have difficulty seeing far away, your eyes will look smaller in glasses. This means you need to focus on making your eyes look bigger unless they are huge already.

Using a white liner on the inner rim of your eyes can make your eyes look bigger. I especially pay attention to the corners of my eyes. A lighter eyeshadow close to the lashes will make them look bigger and a dark liner all around the outside of the eyes can make your eyes pop. 

It's important to frame the eyes so if you have eyelash curlers, which can be picked up cheaply if you do not have any, use them to open the eyes. A great volumising mascara like Benefit Roller lash will really help too. The trademarked Hook 'N Roll brush grabs, separates and lifts curls and it lasts all day.

Long-sighted make up tips

If you are long sighted and able to see well far away but not close up, your eyes will look bigger in glasses. You need makeup that will flatter your eyes but minimise them. 

Using a dark liner on the inside of the eye and brown eyeshadow on the lid will make your eyes look smaller.

It's very important that your eye makeup is blended well as everything is magnified. Ensure your mascara is natural looking and not clumpy, I do this by using a clean mascara wand after applying my mascara to go back my lashes. 

Invest in a magnifying mirror

Invest in a good magnifying mirror so you can see exactly how the makeup is applied. This is especially important if you travel a lot as not every hotel bathroom will have one.

Under your eyes

Glasses can cast shadows under your eyes, to combat this use an illuminating concealer under your eyes and in the corners and blend well. Touche Eclat by YSL is a makeup artist favourite, I also like L'oreal Touche Magique which does the same job but is considerably cheaper.

Red marks on your nose

The less foundation you put on your nose the better as your glasses will rest on your nose. A matt foundation on the nose area helps to prevent the area get oily and thus your glasses could slip. 

If you do not have a matt foundation, powder the area lightly to help absorb oil and set the foundation.


If your glass frames cover your brows you don't need to be too careful but a good groomed eyebrow will frame your eyes beautifully. If you are long-sighted any stray hairs will show up so be sure that you pluck any stray hairs under your brow line.

So here are some of my make up tips for glasses wearers. Do you wear glasses? What do you think of my tips?

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  1. I don't wear glasses but I have seen of my friends who do use these exact make up tips especially using the dark liner to minimize eyes.

  2. I usually wear contact lenses, but sometimes I wear glasses, so thank you for sharing the tips! :)

  3. These are some excellent tips! My mum wears glasses and shes always looking for tips on make up so I'll be winging this over to her to have a read!

    Lottie x

  4. I don't wear glasses but these are some great tips!
    Especially blend, blend, blend when using eyeshadow! x

    1. That is so important, especially when you are long sighted as every thing is magnified.

  5. having nice eyebrows with glasses is super important -Hanna Lei

  6. Great tips I wear glasses all the time definitely agree with the concealer tip

    1. Yes, it is so easy to have shadows under your eyes with glasses.

  7. I'm short sighted so wear contacts. I do sometimes wear my glasses, although I do think my makeup is easier to apply when i have my contacts in as i can see much easier what I'm doing x

    1. Yes I find that too Hannah. A good magnifying mirror is very useful in this situation.

  8. Looks so much better after, amazing Thanks for your job

  9. This was really helpful! Thank you for sharing these tips!

    Luce xo |