How To Choose A Great Hotel In Scarborough

While planning a trip to a different city or region, the first and foremost thing you need to secure is your accommodation. In fact, where you stay can have an enormous impact on how well your trip goes. With the plethora of promotional offers, deals, and hotel loyalty programs out there, choosing the right hotel can be confusing even to those that are travel savvy.

Scarborough marina

The same applies to choosing a great hotel in Scarborough. Often, the price is a key factor that sways the accommodation decision of most tourists travelling to Scarborough, but it is not the only consideration.  Here are some of the other factors you should base your decision on while choosing a hotel in Scarborough.

1. Location: the location of your hotel choice in Scarborough should complement the purpose of your visit. If you're there for a business meeting, choose a hotel that's situated near a convenient meeting spot. If you're in Scarborough for sightseeing, a hotel located in the central part of the city will be the best base. For an romantic stay a hotel located in a serene, secluded place, would be the best choice.

2. Parking: If you're taking your car to the hotel, you need consider the car-parking facilities the hotel offers. You should inquire how much it costs for parking and the level of security offered.

3. Amenities Fees: Amenities are a significant part of your holiday experience. Try to locate the hotels that offer the facilities, which you need free of cost or included in your package price. For instance, if you browse the Internet a lot, finding a hotel that offers complimentary Wi-Fi would be a bonus.

4. Star Ratings: Checking the star ratings of a hotel is the easiest way to choose between luxury and economy. The more stars a hotel has, the higher is the level of luxury and service.

5. Onsite Perks: Onsite perks significantly influence prospective customers. If you are a foodie, look for a hotel that houses an up market restaurant and exquisite cuisine. If you are looking to unwind, check for a spa or swimming pool. If you're a golfer you may want to consider a golf resort hotel.

6. Complimentary Breakfast: Does the hotel offer complimentary breakfast in its offers? If you're visiting with your family, paying for breakfast may be a considerable amount so this perk is certainly worth getting. 

7. Family-friendliness: If you're traveling with your family, stay at a hotel that welcomes your child and is considerate of families. An optional cot, mini-fridges in rooms, recreational areas, pool, or onsite babysitting are some of the benefits you should keep an eye out for.

8. Reliability vs. Adventure: Depending on what you want, you can choose between the tried and tested formula of a hotel chain or be more adventurous and stay at a local bed and breakfast with some character.

Scarborough Attractions

Your preferred hotel choice in Scarborough should keep you close to its main attractions. Scarborough Castle is one of the must visit attractions in the area. The 2500 year old castle has overseen several historical conquests from medieval kings, Civil War armies and the German naval bombardment in WWII. 

The Scarborough Open Air Theatre, built in 1930, is the largest in Europe. It is the epicenter of cultural events in the area and has a rich history of flourishing cultural spectacle. 

The Asian themed Peasholm Park Island has mini waterfalls, wooden scaffolds crossing streams and an abundance of natural life, making this the ideal area to appreciate an unwinding evening.

Make sure you remember these above-mentioned factors during your hotel choice in Scarborough. Prepare for an unforgettable trip by choosing the right hotel.

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  1. I remember looking at a wedding Venue in scarborough at a hotel that was located just above the beach. It'd definitely be a romantic spot!

  2. I really need to do more 'staycations' in the UK - Scarborough looks lovely!

    Erin xx

  3. I love staycations beside the sea and I havent been to Scarbs as we used to call it (not quite Marbs) since I was a teen x

    1. Staycations are great as you don't have the hassle of International travel.

  4. I love Scarborough. Me and my friend went up there a few years back. We stayed at Brooklands Hotel, which was a really nice hotel. Unfortunately it's not there anymore. x

  5. Great post! I totally agree with you, the hotel is everything and the location. As long as it close to everything and easy to find that's what matter. Ofcourse it's a plus if it looks really classy than it feels more like a luxurious vacation. I have never been to Scarborough before but it does look lovely.

    Celia xx

  6. I've never visited Scarborough before but your photos look beautiful. I'll keep all these tips in mind if I ever visit.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  7. Scarborough isn't far from me (I'm in Newcastle) so I would love a little day trip there with possibly a stay over at this hotel. I was in Middlesbrough a couple of weeks ago.

  8. I've never been to Scarborough. Some great tips for booking somewhere. Car parking is always essential for us as we normally travel as a family x