Meet The Bloggers - Charlotte From The Social Snob

Today in my Meet The Bloggers series I am interviewing Charlotte from The Social Snob blog.

Can you tell my readers about yourself and your blog.

My name is Charlotte and I blog over at, which is mostly known for the high-end / luxury beauty products I review on it. Although I am a mother of two young children I decided not to branch out into Parent Blogging as I like to keep them off-line and separate from what I do. My passion is make-up, I’m a hoarder and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes I just want that £60 lipstick for it’s outer packaging even if the product isn’t as good as it could be. I am quite materialistic in that way, but I do cherish the things money cant buy in life and that would be the reaction to my children's faces when we go some where new or just go an be silly at the park

What inspired you to start blogging?

I was scrolling my Facebook at the end of 2013 and came across a very successful beauty blogger, I’m not sure how but it was love at first sight, everything she was doing I thought 'I want this and I can do these kind of things' - So I did and the rest was history!! I have also been a beauty junkie and work colleagues would ask me what make-up I was wearing or how I achieved certain looks or even what the best kind of skincare for skin issues. So it’s always been in the air I just didn’t know I could also make a career out of it

Tell me your proudest blogging achievement.

I’ll admit I do have so many, I pinch myself everyday when the postman brings me at least four parcels. It might have been when Tom Ford sent me some of the most cult beauty products from the collection, being able to work with brands that I could never even afford before or even used to just obsess over how fabulous they were and now they look to me for my opinion it blows my mind. I have been nominated for blogging awards which to just be recognised is an achievement in it self

What brands have you enjoyed working with?

Touching on the above, I don’t think I could narrow it down, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the world's biggest beauty brands and I count myself so lucky for that

What brands would you like to work with in the future?

Ahhh these questions !! I would just like to maintain a good relationship with all the current brands I am working with, as well as hopefully working with CHANEL, DIOR, GIVINCHEY

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

It’s hard on new bloggers, I really had no clue this world of bloggers existed and it’s grown a whole lot since i started too!! I think anyone that does want to begin blogging shouldn’t compare their beginning to someone else middle. They should understand what they want from it from the get go, if that’s a career or if they are doing it as a hobby. They shouldn’t be put off if they are turned down for opportunities. The best example of that is a beauty box brand approached me to work with them, the first month came and so did my review, I had to promote a ‘code’ for my readers to use and no one used it, the brand ignored my emails for 3 months after. They eventually replied to tell me that I basically wasn’t good enough but then 2 or so months later they were trying to get me back on board. They had seen my following had grown a lot in a short space of time and all of a sudden I was good enough again - you can imagine I politely told them where to go !!!

What is your most popular blog post to date?

It is definitely my blog post for Flawless Cosmetics, it still is my most read post every day, cosmetic procedures are a tricky one but people also love to see the transformation gives. I think it’s my favourite because of how much confidence this beauty procedure gave me. Holly is a fantastic aesthetic practitioner and it’s been a pleasure to see her business basically go viral.

Do you have any specific blog and personal goals for 2016?

I would like to see The Social Snob being read / talked about in Wales. Wales / South Wales lacks very far behind in the beauty industry and it makes me crazy to think there are so many talented people in Wales that are missing out on such fantastic opportunities because we aren’t as forward thinking (when it comes to beauty) than England and the rest of the world. If people ask what I do and say I’m a beauty blogger people don’t understand it, they don’t understand how much more powerful our opinions are compared to journalists. Our readers rely on our honesty and that's what some journalists lack and it’s also why we are trusted so much more. I would definitely like to see more blogging things going on in Wales - I would love to be able to change peoples ways when it comes to beauty in Wales but that just might be a bit too big for me - hahaha. 


  1. Great interview. I can only dream tho of being able to afford a £60 lipstick based on packaging :)

  2. Such a great interview, it's always lovely to hear a little more about what makes a blogger tick!

  3. Thank You So So SOOOOOO Much Again For Interviewing Me, Loved The Questions & Such An Honour To Be Featured On Your Blog xx

  4. These interviews are a fantastic idea, i always like reading interviews with other bloggers x

  5. I love this idea and interview! Its a great way to get to know more bloggers in the same community. Charlotte is right here, blogging has come a long way over the past few years, I've been blogging for 5 years, it was a lot easier back then, how you really need to do something to stand out from the crowd. #ukbloggers

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    1. Thanks for the comment and the follow. Hope you like my other posts too :)

  6. Brilliant interview! I wonder which lipsticks costs £60? It must look amazing haha

  7. I love how energetic and positive Charlotte is - She explains blogging like it is but also gives hope to newer bloggers that anything is possible.