Gousto Food Box Revisited

I have reviewed a number of food boxes on my blog and Gousto remains a firm favourite of mine. Gousto is a home delivered food box full of well balanced nutritious ingredients perfectly proportioned. The end result is a plate full of tasty delicious food.

Why I like Gousto:-

You have a variety of dishes to choose from on their website and meals are changed weekly.
Each food box comes with a recipe card, with easy step-by-step instructions.
All the measuring is done for you.
There is no waste.
Meals are nutritionally balanced but still tasty.
Vegetables are organic.
Meat is high welfare.
British products are chosen where ever possible.
It inspires you to try new recipes and stops your cooking getting in a rut.

I liked being able to choose my meals in advance, and for this box I chose Sticky Hoisin Pork, Cheaty Chicken Kieve and Meera's Chicken Curry. Everything is delivered in an insulated box to keep your food fresh. 
The first dish I tried this week was the Sticky Hoisin Pork. We both found this dish very tasty and different to what we would normally cook. Although we do enjoy Chinese food I never make it from scratch so this was nice to try.

The recipe was easy to follow in all. One tip, after you add the pork to the frying pan, do not leave it unattended like I did - whoops! As it is in a marinade, it is easy to burn. I just managed to rescue it, luckily.
My husband is a very fussy eater, and I wasn't sure he would eat the pork as he doesn't as as rule but the flavour of the marinade was delicious and he ate it all up in no time. The wedges were tasty too and I would say don't worry about adding a whole chili to the cucumber relish. As long as you remove the seeds the dish won't be too hot. My only criticism of this dish is the fact that the pork used was neck of pork which was a little fatty. I would use fillet of pork if I was making this dish myself from scratch.

The next dish I made was the Cheaty Chicken Kiev. The chicken for this needs to be cut in half and then dipped in seasoned flour, egg and then breadcrumbs. A tip for you if you are breading chicken like this is to put a food bag over your hand to stop it getting messy when handling the chicken. I then put the chicken in the fridge to firm up. This was a good idea as the breadcrumbs set on the chicken making it easier to handle when cooked. 

The accompaniment for the chicken was potato and broccoli mash. I have to admit I am not a fan of mash at all, as I don't like the smooth texture. What I did when making the mash was to roughly mash it with a fork so it had a rough texture. I seasoned it well with salt and pepper and added a knob of Flora buttery.

Served over the chicken is a garlic butter, which was easy to make. I peeled and then chopped the garlic roughly and used the side of a cook's knife to squash the garlic with a little salt. I then melted some Flora buttery (you can use butter) in the microwave and added the garlic to make a garlic butter.

We both felt this dish was like proper comfort food, really satisfying and tasty. I kept it slightly healthier by using Flora buttery instead of butter but this is up to you. I think this dish would appeal to children too, after all, I don't know any children that doesn't like breaded chicken and this is so much nicer than the chicken nuggets you can buy. 

The last dish we tried was Meera's Chicken Curry. This is where Gousto comes into it's own. I would personally never buy spices myself to make a curry from scratch due to past experience where they just get left in the back of the cupboard, and lose the flavour with age. All the spices with Gousto were perfectly proportioned and weighed out in little packets - no waste here.

The chicken curry was really flavourful without being too hot. You could really pick out the spices such as the cinnamon, and coriander. The coconut milk added to the smooth luxurious flavour of the sauce and the portion size was just right. There is something ultimately satisfying about cooking a curry from scratch and I really enjoyed cooking this dish, and obviously eating it too!

All the dishes I tried were on the table in not much more than 45 minutes and they were suitable for those with little to moderate cooking experience. Portion sizes are generous too. With free nationwide delivery and farm fresh ingredients, get out of your cooking rut and try something new - home cooking made easy from Gousto.

You can follow Gousto on Twitter  and Facebook here and they also have a Pinterest account so you can see their tasty dishes. If you want to try a new box at £25 off your first order use the code RELISH at checkout.

Have you ever tried Gousto? What do you think of the concept? Let me know.


  1. I think I'll definitely have to try it - the recipes seem delicious!

  2. This would be such a great idea to subscribe to for a student. Us mums will always worry about our children, even when they are living away from home, so this would be a really good way of ensuring they get the right nutrition and learn to cook proper, wholesome meals.

  3. I love the sound of a cheaty chicken kiev, what a great idea x

    1. I would have put the butter inside the chicken but then I am always concerned that the chicken is not cooked properly in the centre. Making a garlic butter separately is a great way of doing it.

  4. I had one too, I really loved it! For easy of dinner more than anything but they were also amazingly diverse meals we'd never tried before! Loved it!

  5. There is a wide variety of recipes every week, from vegetarian to red meat to white meat dishes and all are nutritionally balanced. The hoisin pork was very tasty indeed.

  6. I'm such a foodie, I'd love to try these! The chicken kiev especially looks briliant. I'm not vegetarian, but I am trying to include a few more non-meat based meals, you don't by any chance know if they have any options for vegetarians?

    Thanks, Kirsty

    1. If you use the code RELISH at the checkout you can get £25 off your first box!

      They do have options for vegetarians, I think usually they have 3 a week. This week they have veggie moussaka, a recipe using halloumi and a couscous recipe.

  7. I have been thinking about getting a Gousto box for a while now but never really saw much of what was in them apart from in promotional pictures so this post has really opened my eyes to it, definitely going to try it out now! I love the look of the Sticky Hoisin Pork, so tasty looking!

  8. I've never tried Gousto boxes, they do look delicious though and I love that you can choose what you get.

    1. The boxes are available for 2 and 4 people too and many recipes are kid friendly too.

  9. Never heard of these before. It looks like you get a lot of food in them x

    1. Portions are a good size, I didn't plate it all up either, so we had some left over.