Slow Cooker Pineapple Upside Down Cake

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This is my first guest post for Mel. When we discussed what I'll be writing about, Mel asked if I had done any baking in my slow cooker. I love my slow cooker and that sounded like a challenge so the gauntlet was firmly dropped! 

After looking back at the sort of puddings we enjoy I decided to make a Pineapple Upsidedown Cake.

If I was to make it again I would brown off the pineapple first to enhance the finished look. The sponge is very light and fluffy and had a bonus of nice crispy edges which added to the overall texture.

4ozs / 100gms Butter (or buttery spread)
4ozs / 100gms caster sugar
4ozs / 100gms Flour - sieved
2 large eggs
400g (approx) Tinned Pineapple slices.


Line the slow cooker with greaseproof paper. (same way as you would for a cake tin)
Sprinkle some brown sugar into the bottom and lay the pineapple slices on top.
Make the sponge mix:
Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
Add the eggs a little at a time.
Fold in the sieved flour.
Add a few spoonfuls of the pineapple juice. The mixture should be just dropping off a spoon.
Spoon over the pineapple and smooth out.
Put the crock into the slow cooker and place lid on top.
Cook for 2 - 2and half hours on high. A cocktail stick stuck into the cake should come out clean.
Remove lid and leave for 20 minutes before carefully removing. (You should be able to lift it out then place a plate on top to turn it out.)
Serve with your choice of cream / custard / natural yoghurt.

If you've never used your slow cooker to make a cake I think this would be an ideal start! The hardest thing is getting the pot lined!


  1. This sounds delicious thank you. I will try it as I would never have thought of doing anything like this in the slow cooker.

    1. I've never made a cake in the slow cooker, but I used to make this years ago in the oven. Now that Winter is coming I think I will try this out Sandy!

  2. I've never thought to make a cake in a slow cooker before but this looks amazing, thanks for sharing! x

  3. you know, I have never in my entire life tried a pineapple upside down cake. will have to give this a go one time

  4. This looks amazing! I could so eat this now :) X

  5. This looks like a good recipe and easy to make too x