Digital Marketing Tips For Bloggers

People blog for many reasons. Some blog to help and inform others, others for catharsis. Some blog because they love to write, and others to review products. Once a blog is established with a readership many bloggers look to monetise their blog. This is when S.E.O. and digital marketing becomes important. 

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What is S.E.O.?

S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of actively trying to improve your search engine ranking.

Why Is It Important?

It is important as all the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo use a ranking procedure to place websites in order. Those at the top of the rankings gain more exposure. If you think about it, most people don't scroll past the first couple of pages of a search engine.

There are many factors that can improve your search engine rankings and a blog or small business can get many benefits from doing their S.E.O. and digital marketing themselves.

Some Simple Tips


Call your blog something relevant and easy to remember. Will the blog address be relevant to you in ten years' time? Short and easy to spell blog addresses are preferable.

If you are a blogger it is especially important to own your own domain. Owning your own domain reinforces and promotes your brand. Having your own domain allows you to have your own domain authority. Domain authority or D.A. is a metric used to calculate how well a website is likely to perform on Google. Many P.R. companies look at a blog's domain authority - the higher it is, the better it is to link to for S.E.O. purposes.


Write interesting original content that people want to bookmark, share and link back to. It is important to write original content as Google can penalise sites with duplicate content. This can mean your blog not appearing in search results. 

Link to your own content from within your blog post. Internal links help with S.E.O.


Name your photos something appropriate. This helps search engines find and index relevant images. Make sure your images are optimised and quick to load. Photo editing software such as Photoshop and Picmonkey are great to reduce image size.


Create natural backlinks to your blog. This can help 
raise your domain authority. You can do this by making relevant comments on other blogs and linking to your blog address. 

Guest posting is a great way of getting a backlink to your blog. Many fellow bloggers will be happy to give you a follow link for a guest post - after all you are doing them a favour by writing new fresh content for them.


Don't forget to share your post. It can be the most awesome post in the world but if you don't share it how will people see it? It's worth having social media accounts for your blog to share content. Share the content of others and they will be more likely to share yours. Tag the company you are working with in a post so they can retweet for you. Use relevant hashtags to spread the post and get it seen.

These are just some simple tips. 

For a more in depth analysis of your blog consider a targeted S.E.O. and digital marketing course. The best digital marketing companies have engaging, easy to understand courses for people of all levels of knowledge. The worst digital marketing companies are expensive and can actually cause your blog to be penalised by Google. 

To choose a reputable company look at the results they have attained, the brands they have worked with and the testimonials of others.

Tell me do you have any digital marketing tips?

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  1. I definitely need help with SEO as I am a new blogger and am still learning the ropes. Could you tell me more about keywords that will increase traffic please?

  2. Really good post. I've learnt so much since starting to blog. SEO, html and so many other things x

  3. I think these are some amazing tips, and a lot of people aren't aware of how much these really do effect your ranking! xx

  4. I agree with Emily above, really great post. I've been blogging awhile but still have so much to learn though! x

    1. Sometimes a targeting specific course on digital marketing is the way to go, as it can be tailored to your needs. This is especially good if you don't know where to start and don't have the time to learn.

  5. Great tips!! I've really been trying to work on SEO lately and I *think* its paying off, but I guess we'll see with the moz update tomorrow!

  6. Some great tips here. Thanks for sharing x

  7. Some great tips! I am still very hit and miss

    1. You have to keep up-to-date as things due change but this is just a simple post with straightforward ideas.

  8. Thanks for sharing this informative post. Great tips.

  9. Good tips! The SEO bit is the bit I need to work on more!

  10. Great post Mel. I'm still not entirely sure how to name my photos or about the resizing but I'm learning (slowly)!